Thursday, 18 December 2008

Bed bugs!

Oh my God, one of the places I stayed at recently, probably with a lot of you, had bed bugs and one or two of the little bastards made their way back to my lovely bed. Had an exterminator around, my room is basically a blood bath... of tiny insects. Hopefully that is them pwnd, but if anyone has stayed at a hostel in the past couple of months be on the lookout for blood on your bedsheets.

I have to make two videos for tomorrow and I haven't started thanks to my unforeseen battle with these bloodsucking fiends... Plus the fact that I still don't know what to do.

And I still haven't started Christmas shopping. Urgh, stress.


BethOnTop said...

eurgh.. i hope its not the one that I stayed at with you..
that has made me feel sick..

Anonymous said...

So far I've only bought two Christmas presnts. Not because I'm lazy, but because I'm broke. I'm suppose to be getting a $50 cheque soon and I've been working all this week for extra hours until Friday when the shop closes. I was going to do a lot of shopping on Amazon but I can't trust the shipping. I have to go tomorrow to cash in all the spare change I've saved up and drain my bank account of the 20 somthing dollars I have in it. That, plus my Christmas bonus will leave me with somewhere around 100 dollars. Merry Christmas.

Chrisontv88 said...

I am only editing my vids now. Mine are meant to be up in 4 hours :(

Pav said...

Ah fuckkkkk. If this was Birds Nest....i slept with you ¬_¬

Anonymous said...

good job.
did they get pwned?