Monday, 1 December 2008

The Advent Gathering

I am very tired. So I'm going to do this the lazy way; with bullet points. Hooray for bullet points!

This was my weekend...
  • Woke up on Saturday at 8:00am for the first time in... Memory.
  • Train was packed, had to stand for most of it.
  • Got to London. Insane amounts of people, Christmas shopping I guess.
  • Happened upon a big group of youtubers 'gathered' in Covent Garden.
  • Hung out with them.
  • Had enjoyable conversations and hugs.
  • Signed a shirt, which reminded me of old school gatherings. That made me happy.
  • Went to a Christmas fair thing in Hyde Park.
  • Went to Harrods, big mistake - very busy, all got lost and separated.
  • Went to the Tate gallery but was not in the mood for looking at art, was in the mood for sitting down and talking to people, which I did.
  • Went to Wagamamas for some tasty food.
  • Added this man to the rather long list of youtubers I love.
  • Went to the pub for a few before everyone went their separate ways.
  • Apart from about... 14 (?) of us who went the same way - to a hostel.
  • Had a few drinks, talked and played songs in our room until the bar downstairs closed.
  • Went down to the closed bar and drank in it while continuing to play songs and chat.
  • Realised I was rather drunk.
  • Around 4am we were chatting with the guys working there, they asked us to play a gig the next day!
  • Unfortunately had to turn them down, because of the fact that none of us would be in London the following evening. Perhaps another time.
  • Went to bed around 6:30, waking up everyone in the process.
  • Got slapped by Mhazz.
  • Slapped Mhazz.
  • Fell asleep.
  • Got woken up. Did not enjoy.
  • Spent all of today trying to sit down and close my eyes, though did enjoy the company of many wonderful people.
  • Got a train home, there was a dog on it. I'm not that into animals but it was lovely.

Good times.
But now it's bedtimes.


doug said...

haha yusss, good times indeed :]
(yes, 14 is correct)


Jeff Edelman said...

Sounds like a real fun time.

5ophie3lizabeth said...

you weren't rather drunk.

You were totally pissed =]

But was lulz watching you fall off the table.