Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day

I'm sitting here in my uncle's beautiful house just a few minutes walk away from Hampton Court watching the football with the boys while the girls are out in the Boxing Day sales. We've been for a walk round this giant local park, which was nice even if there was a freezing cold wind.

Yesterday we had pretty much the whole family round, thirteen people between the ages of four and eighty something. We did the obvious things: presents, outrageously enjoyable food, champagne and the oldest, most expensive, most gorgeous red wine my taste buds have had the pleasure of encountering. It was older than me... By about a decade!

The girls are back so I'm gonna cut this blog short. Sorry to everyone who has emailed me in the last week, I've totally lost the replying battle. I will try to get on top of it when I get home.




Anonymous said...

merry christmas.

Josh Okies said...

Hampton Court?

Dave! You're about half a mile away from me!


CandledSwans said...

Boxing Day sales! xD

nora said...

awhh. So British

Molly said...

Shit, I live on Hampton america that is.