Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Barry Aldridge (of 'BarryAldridge' fame) wrote a blog the other day talking about his 'Face 2 Face' interview series on Youtube. I left a comment that said "When do we get 'Face 2 Cox'?" Because I am (as I'm sure most of you are) eagerly anticipating the fulfilment of the promise Barry made - to give the people a JohnCox88 channel recommendation. Granted channel recommendations as we knew them are finished, but John Cox and his legions of fans have agreed that a 'Face 2 Cox' episode will suffice.

I received the following DM on twitter earlier today.

Hey Dave, I had to delete your comment from my latest blog entry because of Face 2 Cox comment. If my family saw that that would be upset.

I asked why, given that Cox is just a name and was told,

I know but the thing Face2Cox sounds like something else and some people would take it the wrong way thinking you maybe taking the piss.

I know right. Take the piss... Me?! And as for what this "something else" might be, I'm none the wiser. But I assure you, the fight for 'Face 2 Cox' will continue until our demands are met, and Barry's promise is kept!

Keep the faith.


p.s. There was another Aldridge gem on his facebook status this morning, may as well stick it in here...
"I hate waking up to rain, it's like waking up to hell.' I love you Barry.


Pav said...

ROFL i read that tweet this morning when i woke up. Without a doubt mate, waking up to rain is probably just as bad as hell.

Darren said...

hahaha XD *Signs Petition*

Will said...

my god i love you dave

YouKnowThatDaveKid said...

Barry, if you're reading this though mate, I think its about time that you put your Face2Cox. Its like waking up to hell everyday, not seeing JohnCox on your channel..!

John said...

I want Barry to face my cox.

wikdot said...

*signs the petition* for Cox in the face of Barry.

Minish said...

Wow, Barry. Your mind must be DEEP in the gutter because I have no clue what you're on about.

And I think it's about time we had Face2Cox. You've been avoiding this far too long.