Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Three at once.

The four tracks I have recorded for my first EP have been sent off to my cousin for her approval and advice before they are uploaded. I think they will be going on itunes and amazonmp3, those were by far the most popular choices by commenters on my latest video. So for today I can't really do anything on it. That means I can do some work on the acoustic tracks that I also want to make available to download soon.

It's got me thinking about how I'm going to need to work in the coming months and years. Since I don't have an audience large enough to sell thousands and thousands of whatever I release, in order to live off my creativity I will have to have quite a high output. As such I think I'll always be working on three things at once;

1. Current songs - those which have been written and are being recorded.
2. Old songs, which will actually be new to the audience - songs that are recently available to download... Making videos for them will be the most important part of this category.
3. New songs - I'll need to be writing songs to get started on as soon as the current ones are done.

Supposedly itunes takes about a month to process songs, so if in that time I can get two or three videos done ready to promote the songs, and get a good start on recording the next thing I should be able to keep things moving nicely.

Of course this will all fall apart because I'm useless, but it's good to have a plan.

The strange thing is the idea of consciously keeping my youtube channel a month or so in the past, because I will have to wait for songs to be available before uploading videos for them. I like to share things as soon as I write them... I suppose I can still do that, maybe just a rough version of new songs on my second channel, or I might find some new ways to get stuff out there... More secret ways! I can show people who read this blog some of the demos or something. That way the people who really care can keep up to date.

Hmm, sorry - just thinking out loud (*in type).

Well anyway, it should be fun!


cheekychen said...

here's an idea.. for each release you put out, you could allow YouTubers who buy it to create music videos for the track.. Then:

a) choose your favourite(s) to post on your channel as a sort of prize,
b) winners could get your next release for free?

this could help you to harness the viral powers of video responses whilst getting cool music videos made for free.

I spose you wouldn't have to do it for every release, but it could be worth trialing it with your EP so you know what works for the release of your album.

additionally, if you get enough responses, you could release a special edition physical CD with your fave vids included.

Nicholas said...

I can only imagine how much work it is to "live off your creativity"... I'd still like to try it some time.

Just rest assured that I'll download the EP ;)

wikdot said...

i agree with cheekychen about encouraging YouTubers to create videos and perhaps video covers. this is a good way generate a buzz around the music. also, when it comes to the videos you will make, have you considered spreading out to other popular video posting sites to get more exposure?

or you could just slip one to Oprah

RoboticNeurotic said...

Huge respect for having the courage and determination to follow this through, despite what sounds like a continually difficult path ahead. I hate to think how many fantastic musicians have had to crumble under the pressure of that 'living' thing, and am delighted you don't intend to be one of them. Once again, looking forward to the EP =)