Friday, 15 May 2009

Cheeky Bastards

Lately the media in England have been going crazy over the amount of money MP's have been claiming on their housing expenses. See they have to be in London a lot, as well as with their constituencies, so they get a second home allowance, and some of them have a second home about five minutes away from their first, some aren't living in their first homes for long enough for it to be a first home, and a hundred other things that I won't tell you because you don't care. I don't care. I've yet to meet anyone who cares beyond saying, 'Cheeky bastard' on hearing the latest story and moving on.

But we keep being told how much we care and it's starting to bother me. Aren't these the people who are running the country? They're supposed to be speaking for us, deciding what is best for the country, if you go high enough, which this 'scandal' appears to be, they are the people who run everything - school, hospitals, police, housing... they can send us to war! Don't they have things to do?

I agree some of them have been cheeky bastards but did anyone expect anything else? So sort the system out, have them pay back money, do whatever... Just leave it out of the headlines because I don't give a shit. It was the same with swine flu for about a week until this came along. I tell you what, if they hadn't latched onto this they'd still be banging on about the flu. And they'll be talking about this until the next thing I don't care about comes along.

I don't mean I don't care at all... I do care about the news in general. I like to be informed, just not about the same thing everyday when it just isn't that important.

So basically, the media pisses me off. If I had a paper it'd be a different length everyday, depending on how much interesting stuff actually happened.

In other (more interesting) news, I started work on a new video today. It's using split screens but in a new way (for me!). If you track my split screen videos so far it goes the Promise, Saves the Day, Coldplay, then this. I think the previous three are some of my best videos and they've improved each time, so I'm hoping this one will continue that trend... I know this much: it's ambitious! It'll probably drive me crazy, but I'm taking it slowly because it's for one of the tracks on the EP which is at least a month away.

Alright then.

Oh, I'm going to London to see Ben Kweller for the... Fifth(?) time tomorrow. I'm very excited.

Bye then!



Jeff Edelman said...

But that's an important news story. Because the only way that the powers that be won't continue to abuse the system is if they are called out by the media. You'd have a much worse situation if the media kept quiet about this.

Paul Carpenter said...

Jeff's right in that it's the media's job to hold government accountable.

But really, the reason I think it's important is because it's god damn hilarious.

Dave said...

I know it's important and they should be held accountable, but it's been weeks. I'm just bored of it all. I've stopped watching the news because I know what will be on it.

JohnnyDurham19 said...

I know what you mean Dave.

Sure it is important that the media calls the MPs out on issues like this, but it is frustrating that we have to hear the SAME stories day after day, when they really aren't THAT important.

Sure, it's interesting to know that an MP's husband spent tax payers money on buying porn, but I must have heard that story about a hundred times now. Get over it already.

So yes, I understand where you're coming from with this post :)

Martin K. Smith said...

Report a story and don't report on it again until there's an actual update. Simple.

I don't need to hear what Vanessa Feltz thinks about it all (I haven't actually seen her comment, but it wouldn't put it past them).

When there's a whole world of news for them to pick from, I do hate that they go back to the same story again and again. Especially when there's nothing new to add.

Darren said...

we have the same thing going on here in canada, one of our former prime minister and some guy named carl hans schrieber are having day and night debates over expenses not written down or claimed....its long and it is not fun to watch they repeat things alot go over the same topic over and over trying to get closer to why no one claimed XX amount of dollars...