Thursday, 21 May 2009

Good news!

First off here's a video I uploaded to my second channel earlier. Go ahead and hit play so you can listen while you read on!

It's just a guitar style I've been practising with the last couple of days. See I saw two minutes of this film called 'August Rush' and they were playing a song in some open tuning... I liked it so I stopped watching in order to watch it from the start next time, but I went and stuck my guitar in open D for a while. Might record something properly with it tomorrow.

The good news is that my friends Rook and the Ravens - the second best band in the world - have started up a youtube channel. These guys are good on a ridiculous scale - Like if you think I'm good - LOL. They've been gigging since they were about ten years old and it shows. They've just recorded an album so I can't fucking wait for that.

Earlier Tom blogged about his three favourite youtube musicians, I said Tom Hall, Greg Holden and The Nunes. Well The Nunes just got bumped out of the top three, that's how serious I am!

It's weird though because they're offline friends and now it's all mixed up. Ah well, mixing stuff up is good, just look at fruit salads - they've gone from strength to strength.

I've been doing more Summer in the City organising today, starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. All I know is it better be the best fucking day of my life, or there will be trouble!

Here, click on this sentence to go sub to RatR. I guarantee good times.

Goodnight. x


Nicholas said...

I enjoyed the music in August Rush, but I disliked the movie overall... it felt so forced and like a hollywood version of "Once" in a way.

The music scenes were damn fine though.

If you're into open tuning, I expect a beautiful Joni cover in the futer. Kthxbi.

munchkinhugs said...

i enjoyed the video =)
and yay for the musicians!