Monday, 25 May 2009


Today had a very 'first day of summer' feel about it.

The last football of this Premiership season was played, it was properly hot with not a cloud to be seen and we had a BBQ for the first time in over half a year. I also made a playlist of summery songs on my ipod.

Of course I got nothing done because I was outside all day, I'm gonna have to work on that.
My cousin was round the other day though to have a listen to my EP. She was very complimentary, which made me really pleased/relieved because she knows what she's talking about. She also showed me a few things that can help with the sound and now I'm almost ready to let them go. It's strange, I've been making tiny adjustments for as long as I was writing and recording instruments and soon I'm going to stop and they will be set in stone.

Oh, I don't know why I started writing this, I didn't have any news... Just that it's been a lovely day.

I'm gonna make a to-do list for tomorrow in case it's sunny again. If I don't I'll just read in the garden all day.

- Finish tracks for EP (and try to think of a name)
- Finish half written song
- Answer some questions for an interview
- Look for a laptop for my parents
- Read in the garden (but only for a while)
- Write a blog describing how well the to-do list went.

Goodnight. x

p.s. all this talk of summer and itunes on shuffle keeps bringing up Christmas songs!


Darren said...

if its feeling a lot like summer there its quite the same here as well i'm not getting much sleep its just very hot for may!!

Cant wait for the EP,how much will it be when you release it? just curious thats all.

what book are you reading? you can laugh all you want but im reading harrty potter and the philosiphers stone. I dont read alot of small print books its hard on my eyes., which probably means im way behind in reading level.

oh and about the christmas thing i get it quite a bit although theres only one song by u2 called "christmas baby please come home" thats all i have for christmas songs.

i fgt to mention way back in march but i did the same music list you did where you loaded up itunes and the 1st 40 or 50 songs you would write the first line of lyrics....i made a list and since then no one has tried to answer it. Its not a big deal just if your interested..i believe if you click on my 2009 archive then hit march it should be there. it was actually posted the same day as you...march 27th or something.

hope you can keep good working on the EP and i will tell you my thoughts when i hear it!!

thats all..

Anonymous said...

It's funny that today was your "first day of summer", it's been summer for us for almost two months.

Also today while driving with my dad, the only cd that wanted to work was the Love Actually soundtrack. Everybody looked at us weird because I was singing 'I don't want a lot for Christmas' when it was 95°F outisde. ^_^

janitorbud said...

i need to make a "summer play list" cept i have no idea what to put in play lists..
i want to hear your song in full about writing down your dreams and know? it was after you asked your viewers where they get their music from..
yea.. i want that song.