Thursday, 4 June 2009

Road Trip part1: Castle!

This weekend it was Mr. John Cox AND Mr. Ginger Chris' birthdays so a few of us had a little road trip up to Scotland land to celebrate.

It would have been good if I'd had the time/technology to blog during the weekend because now it seems like too much to fit in, so I'm going to split it up, keep it brief and use pictures!

So here's part one - the journey. Basically we decided to do something on the way so it wasn't just 5 hours in a car. The night before we were talking about going to a castle, so I had a look on Google maps and found one that was just about a mile off the M6 that we'd be going up. The internet says it's called Brougham Castle, but I'm sure the sign just said Brough. Ah well, either way, here it is:

It was possibly the best thing EVER.

It was a little bit shut when we got there, but we decided since we had come so far we'd have a sneaky look anyway... Hopped a couple of fences and invaded. (/walked in)

Turns out it's way better after hours because there's nobody to stop you exploring and climbing on the walls. Well, apart from this sign...

I know, I'm such a rebel it's unreal.

We did do some pretty good climbing! I got in here:

... From the wall on the right. There was actually no way in there from the other side. There would have been a room in front of me in centuries past but now it's just floating there, a little hole in a wall, 20 feet up in the air.

This shot is from pretty much the top...

We were there for a good couple of hours and could have stayed all night, but with the sun setting and friends waiting for us north of the border we decided to get going.

(from left: Dale, Sophie, Ian, Doog and me.)

Part 2, which I'm fairly certain will be subtitled "Glasgow!" should be along tomorrow with some karaoke bus action. After that I'll introduce you to the wobbly phone camera game.



Mongoos150 said...

Looks brilliant, oh how I miss Scotland - and you guys too! <3

Krause said...

Holy shit Dave, you climb those walls!

janitorbud said...

i wish i had castles around me..
maybe i'll just visit scotland ^_^
that sounds like uber fun!

Martin K. Smith said...

Why anyone would want to stop people climbing on old buildings, I don't know.

We have a castle near us called "Duffus Castle", we go every so often with pretty much the sole intention to climb on it.

The castle you found looks better though, which is a little upsetting. haha.

Emo-x-Tastic said...

That looks like a pretty cool castle actually. I get dragged to some with my best friend's dad when we go on holiday together, and me and my mate keep ourselves sane by climbing and hiding from those people who tell you off, lol.

Not that I don't appreciate the history and shit, but you can only go to so many castles, you know? Lol. =)

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare put my pictures up of the wobbly phone game... people will start believing that what's i genuinly look like..

thatzak said...

I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to a castle =(

Jeff Edelman said...

The picture of the 5 of you looks like your own Stonehenge.