Sunday, 28 June 2009

Magic bin!

Mum just threw two pieces of paper into the bin and they landed... Above it!

So basically we have a magic bin.

Or as a possible alternative explanation... we NEVER go into the lounge now we have a sofa in the kitchen and so a spider has taken the opportunity to move in.


Liam Radge said...

Fuck your spider theory. I say magic bin.

Jon said...

Did that look pretty weird when it stopped in mid air or was it pretty obvious the web was there?

Dave said...

I didn't see it... I was in the kitchen with the sofa.
I just heard the shouting!

janitorbud said...

do you understand how funny "i was in the kitchen with the sofa" sounds?
it's awesome.
so is that bin.

munchkinhugs said...

can we see the sofa in the kitchen?

Nilla said...

Magic bin. Without a doubt.