Friday, 6 March 2009

I've written two 'comedy' songs in a row

And I'm already annoyed!

I need to write something real, and soon. Actually I've already started two. Hopefully I'll get one of them finished in the next few days.

The jokey songs aren't really my thing - they don't come so naturally and I'm just not as good at them. I did get one comment on the new one saying it was my best song... That's a 'lol, gutted' moment if ever I heard one! I did like the solo part though, I even let it go on a little too long because I was having fun.

Well it's all good anyway, hopefully we get some responses and some money for Comic Relief.

I just really can't wait to have a new proper song. There's nothing better than falling in love with a song you've written that's so new you're literally the only person in the world who's heard it.


p.s. Joy of joys - gotta do 4g&m tomorrow, might just fuck it off and write songs instead haha (oh, translated into English, 'fuck it off' means not do it.)


Anonymous said...

I love your latest song, the comic relief one- I think your tone of singing which gives way to the most elusive manner of sarcasm makes the song all the more humorous. Also, great lyrics!

Anonymous said...

Your comedy songs were totally worth the effort, even if they're not what you're used to writing.

And I'd love to hear a new original song =D