Monday, 16 March 2009

It's all gone quiet

In my house.

As you probably know if you know me, which you probably do because you're reading my blog, I've had some friends over the last couple of days. the reason was so that we could hold a blogtv show to raise money for Red Nose Day. But I'm going to start before that, on Thursday.

I got the train to London, which included sitting next to a woman who, just seconds after I sat down, took a load of horrible smelling fast food from a bag. I swap seats because it would have been so obvious, but it wasn't pleasant. I got to London, checked into the hotel, met various friends, ate Wagamamas, creeped out a guy in the office across the street from the hotel, went to see Watchmen at the IMAX and stayed up later than was advisable talking with Ian. Watchmen was good, not having read the novel I wanted more explanation on some things but I guess that's to be expected, and the IMAX was pretty incredible - it was the first time I'd been, and Charlie - I still owe you money.

On Friday we got up very early (for me) and went to a meeting with the RNLI. They are rather lovely people who are even worth getting up early for! We talked about their project and I was fairly happy with how it went - I'm always a bot concerned that a charity is paying for our trains and hotels and so I want them to get a lot out of it, thankfully I think they did. We're good value for money us youtubers!

Friday night we drove back to Derby, we being Ian, Charlie, Tom and myself, stopping off at Miss Sophie's to get the car and steal a converse bag (bitofaresult). We got back to mine after picking up Jazza who had been waiting for us for several hours, and I'll tell you why: I told him to get to Derby between 8 and 9 to give us time to get back. He got there several hours before that. That night involved relaxing, talking and above all, not planning what to do during a six hour long blogtv show the next day.

The next day would be Saturday, and it started much later than the previous one, which is always good. We spent all morning (which to be fair was not technically morning) doing very little apart from watching The Crystal Maze - an inevitable occurrence when I have friends over. Again we failed to plan anything for the show until we realised it was going to start in about an hour. So we made a couple of videos to let people know and then began.

The show itself was both enjoyable and stressful, for the main show I was doing more organising than entertaining as it was at my house - take away the time I was going out to get props, sorting out food, taking people to train stations, etc... One viewer noted that they had been there for longer than me! But I get on really well with everyone that was here so even the stressful stuff wasn't that stressful. Apart from Jazza missing his train and me having to take him to Stoke to get his next train only to find the station closed and discover that he'd booked for 11am not pm. That was pretty bad. But it was worse for him to be fair!

We got back after midnight - when the show was supposed to end, but they were still going when we walked into the kitchen. People started going to bed and pretty soon it was just Ian and me still up, and still live on blogtv. By that time we were tired and had had enough of doing challenges so I imposed the rule that whatever people wanted from us, it could not involve getting off the sofa! So basically we just talked to them, which was good for me as I had hardly done that all day. Somehow the hours just rolled by and suddenly we realised that it was getting light out, birds were making noise and I was taking Jazza to Stoke in about three hours, so we went to bed. I really enjoyed that chat though, and even though we were tired and weren't doing anything beyond talking we were the most viewed show all night long.

So a couple of hours sleep later and I got up to take Jazza to his train, it went better the second time around. I went home and slept for a few more hours, then people started getting up and we had a bit of a lazy day... Especially Charlie who slept through the majority of it, literally.

Tom, Ian and Charlie left at around 6, and though I've been about ready for bed since then, I've snuck in a few episodes of 24 and caught up on most of my emails/internet stuff. But the day is definitely drawing to a close now.

And there's no way I'm reading this back.


p.s. I forgot to mention, we raised a little over £1600! Quite a bit more than I'd expect if I'm honest, so I am pleased. Though even if we hadn't been raising money for charity at all, it would still have been a good few days!


Hope Is Not A Myth said...

You guys did great last night. I caught a few hours in the beginning and then a little at the end of you and ian. it's wonderful what you guys did for the charity. :)


kala33 said...

Glad to hear the show went so well! I was looking forward to it all week but then ended up going home for the weekend where I didn't have internet =/

It's great you guys did this for charity, and I'm glad so much was donated! =]

<3 xxx

ariel said...

i'm sad i missed the entire blogtv show... work got in the way
but good going raising that much money! :)

Nicholas said...

I really had a lot of fun watching the show and I think it's fantastic that you guys do things like that to get money for charity. And have fun while you're doing it :)

Linda said...

So, thanks, I definitely have the genitals song stuck in my head.

But great job Saturday/Sunday(?) night!