Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Comic Relief

I came up with an idea - a way for people to spread the word about our Comic Relief fund raising. Then I realised I was a lazy man, so I asked Tom to do it. Now it is done.

Basically if you're partner you can add a Red Nose Day banner and/or 'side column image' and link them to the donation page. I figure if a lot of us do it, it'll be some good exposure. Even if people don't donate, they might find out about the project and make a video response, come to the blogtv show, show friends etc...

So here (thanks to Tom) are the links:


Box (side column image)-

And link them to-

So I hope some of you partners will help us out. If you aren't a partner you could do something similar by making yourself a RND background, but I appreciate that requires a lot more work than the main plan!

The most important thing is still video responses, so if you have any time over the next few days we'd really appreciate it if you could make one, and thanks so much to the people who already have!


Jon said...

This is a good idea!

Done my channel up.

Barry Aldridge said...

I love this idea Dave.

Already done it. Great Job.