Monday, 23 March 2009

Hello there

I'm getting out of the blogging habit it seems. Personally I hold twitter and dailybooth accountable! But to be honest not much is going on that is blog worthy. I've just got some new strings to put on the old geetar so I can start recording some of my newer songs over the next couple of weeks. I've started rowing (on a machine, not on water) in an attempt to not be such a lazy git. I made a video about High School Musical toilet paper and I just missed Ginger Chris doing student radio.

There, up to date.

Today I think I might record a video for the song 'Alaska' which I gave to Hank Green because he asked me for a song. It's gone on this compilation album, which should be on itunes soon. I'm thinking I should get a video done so I can respond it to the announcement video and hopefully get some new viewers from it.



wikdot said...

Hi Mr Dave-

i bought Alaska and love the song, but i can hardly hear you singing on it. also, the bass or low frequency is too high(in my opinion)-it overshadows me hearing your voice.


Darren said...

nice new blog...ill have to update the link on my blog that takes me right to your blog

munchkinhugs said...

i like the new layout (: