Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Very angry, you might not want to talk to me for a while.

I posted a bulletin on myspace linking to by last blog about my positive feelings on the election result. I just received a comment on that bulletin from a 17 year old American Christian girl. I don't single these characteristics out, that is everything I know about her. She said this:

its too bad your just like the rest of them. i really liked your music. :/

And she deleted me as a friend.

That is the most outrageous thing I have heard throughout this campaign, and it didn't come from Sarah Palin! How can you let political beliefs stand in the way of music?! MUSIC! They shouldn't even stop you talking about politics, in fact it's better to talk politics with someone who disagrees with you. Disagreements are one of the most important parts of life, whether you decide on one answer, agree to disagree or come to a compromise, it's how we can all coexist in this world with such a beautiful multitude of opinions and beliefs.

That girl found out I supported Obama and that was enough for her to cut me out of her life, and that is the way to a very lonely and unstimulating life. Imagine if I cut out every republican I know. Not even know... just listen to, or watch, or read, or anything - that would be almost half of my life cut away.

That kind of close mindedness is everything I hate about the world right now. The idea that we have to stay within small groups of people with whom we agree is not only impractical, as the more you get to know people, the smaller the groups would be until it's just you, all alone, but it's also incredibly dangerous on a worldwide scale.

So I guess the point, other than to express my anger, is to beg you to look beyond politics, beyond religion, beyond race, beyond sexuality, and appreciate that the world can only be fixed by people who can accept each others differences and work towards the same goals, whatever they think the best way to achieve them is. I think John McCain is as good an example as anyone. Last night he was gracious in defeat and I'm sure he will continue to do what he thinks is right, to argue his case and to accept when the majority of people agree or disagree with him.

Well having got that off my chest I'm still pissed off. I think I'd be over it by now had she spelt you're correctly.


Pav said...

She definetley deserves an "ahh prick"

cameronn said...

what a loserr...

Rachel said...

*hugs* i know what you mean, i have a friend that supports mccain just because he's a republican and her family business depends of that [i dunno how it works though] and yet everyday day at lunch, the "democrat" feel the need to bitch at her about mccain's standings. i'm kinda glad that the elections are over now. i agree with you =]

Jon said...

That is really annoying to read. Why would you stop listening to music just because of a political stance!

Ahh you have annoyed me now Dave you twat!


Michela said...

As a 17 year old Christian girl myself, i think your blog was very well written and justified. I live in Massachusetts, the most liberal state in the country, and i supported McCain. so basically everyone around me was against what i believed in. but that doenst mean i stop being friends with them! these are ppl i see every day of my life, and this girl who dissed you doenst even have to listen to your music! she obviously liked it, or else she wouldnt have listened. i mean, from our videos i could definately tell you were more liberal, and couldnt she tell that as well before this? fine, she stops listening...but did she have to tell you? she coud have just stopped, you never would have known.
i also like that you complimented McCain at the end, i've seen very few people do that, and its annoying. he's been through so much in his life, he deserves a little more i think.
so thanks dave, for not flipping out like all the others would.

Josh Okies said...

You think that's bad

My science teacher supported the republicans to the extent that she ripped up my Obama 08 poster

for the lulz

and told me I shouldn't have it in her lesson

stupid, racist, republican, fundamentalist christian bitch

Bujio said...

Hey Dave.

As you may or may not know, I didn't vote in the election. At the time I didn't really see much point in choosing between two candidates that I didn't particularly like or agree with. I was honestly very scared of what would happen if John McCain won the Presidency, but on the same token I never really trusted Obama either do to the simple fact that he is a politician. To be different from everyone else, I went so far as to declare myself a British Loyalist, and have pledged a level of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth. In my opinion, she is a gracious leader in that she seems quite upfront and stays out of peoples' business. Plus, if someone got too out of line in her domain she could always step up and boot them out. That, in my opinion, is the way to be. Live and let live until someone becomes a tyrant.

I was very glad when Obama won, however. I was really surprised at how I felt, and I'm almost sad that I didn't vote for him. His election shows how far we have come as a society. 150 years ago, in both the US and in Britain, Black people had no rights. Now, a (half) black person is going to be a key leader in the Free World. I believe now that the world will be a very different place in 100 years than it is now, and I think now is the time to start contributing to the betterment of the world for the sake of the next generation.

I admire you, Dave, because you have a very clear view of the world. You see the world in a way that isn't clouded by the perceptions of the populous. I appreciate that. You are the definition of Blue Skies. You do so much with your music, and I really enjoy it very much. Whether you disagree with me or not, I will support you because of your ability and your gentle manner. Peace be with you, Mate. Cheers!!


PS. I don't know if you are interested in it, but there is a site you could use to promote your music. It works in such a way that people "invest" in your art in a way that is similar to the stock market. Once you raise so much money, you get a record deal. I would certainly invest some into your art if you signed up. Here's the link. Let me know if you are interested at all. Cheers!!

Hope your day gets better.

gnotknormal said...

The your/you're thing gets me too.

I'm completely in agreement with you on this (though I feel silly for saying that lol). I like to think I'm very open minded and you're right in saying it's the only way the world can work. I myself have some firm beliefs and the strongest of them is probably that we should accept other people as they are, and I don't let any of my beliefs get in the way of that.

Like this girl who I've been talking to. She likes size zero, and while I don't particularily find it attractive, I understand that she does and I've been arguing against lots of closed minded people just saying to her "it's sick" "It's stupid" and "it's wrong".

Who are we to imply that our opinions are either right or wrong?

Veel said...

I don't know if this is just me, but do you know how we can just tell whether the lyrics of a song really is inspirational/meaningful, or the songwriter is just some wannabe who throws in a jumble of symbolisms and hopes it to appear 'deep'...?~

I'm a very sceptical and cynical person, so I rarely find songwriters that i believe in, who can write lyrics I don't find shallow. But you, Mr Yet-to-be-famous-IRL, with your flair with words, can write songs using a cow as the main character of a tragic love song and make me weep.

(according to spellcheck, sceptical isn't a word. WHOTever)

Veel said...

I now believe, two seconds after writing the above comment, that it is indeed a very confusing and hard to comprehend comment because eloquence is NOT my friend. Whoops. Sorry.

James R said...

One thing that makes America great is our freedom of choice. We Americans have the right to support who and what we want. We can decide on our faith, our political views and if we don't agree with any pre-existing ones we can start our own. This freedom is what defines us. Equally important is understanding views that differ from our own. We as a nation and even more so as a world need to understand that there are views that differ from our own and we need to support the idea that those views exist. Tolerating the right of others to believe in their own ways is the key to peace. You need not agree with their views, just simply accept that they exist.

As you had touched on, a key theme throughout the election night coverage, especially in John McCain's speech, was uniting the country after the election and respecting the views of the other sides. The only way the country is going to move forward is if we move forward as one.

In the end, the goals of all the worlds citizens are similar. There are many paths that will lead us there and we need to be respectful of the roads others take.

I also strongly agree with your stance on disagreements. Disagreements are healthy. They challenge us to look beyond our box of ideas. They lead to new and better ideas. (These of course carry the caveat that we need to be respectful of others in the process.)

While I have often been critical of Bush's actions over the past 8 years, I still support his right to those views. As much as I often hope it were not the case (My View), I still consider George Bush my president.

Patchy said...

Thank you for getting that out there. I have to agree with you on what you said about close-mindedness.

I am a Christian Republican and even though I don't share all of Obama's views I am still SOOOO happy he made it into office. He's breaking down barriers that, even fifty years ago, were thought of as impossible here in the States. Even if someone doesn't agree with all that he says, they should know that he's going to change this nation. I'm anticipating it. He's already been voted in office and simply complaining about it won't change that fact - suck it up! The world isn't black and white.

My closest friends are democrats. My older brother is. I am not going to cut all ties with them simply because of that. Doing so is cutting off oxygen to your brain, allowing it to stagnate and die in its own lack of acceptance. Aghhh.. how frustrating. Why anyone would keep themselves from seeing another point of view or learning something new beats me.

Anyway, thanks for the post. It expresses what I've been feeling all day, only in coherent words rather than frustrated groans.

wordsfromblueskies said...

I love you Patchy, just for the sentence, "Doing so is cutting off oxygen to your brain, allowing it to stagnate and die in its own lack of acceptance"

Fantastic! =D

Carol J. Richardson said...

Dave, I sure voted for Obama. I appreciate his views; realizing the differences in
us all. I feel that perhaps now the country will move into the right direction. Still
love your music. And of course, your open-mindness. We need more of that in
this crazy world. Keep on keeping on!!!! Your old fan, Carol

jennielee22 said...

Stupid 17 year-olds..... sigh.....

oh..and for the record.. I voted for McCain...and I still love your music


Brilliant Demise said...

I'm sorry Dave. :/
It sucks that someone would do something like that.
It's ridiculous that people will judge others completely on which candidate they like. For this reason, I can't speak about the election to some close friends or even many family members. So what if I agree with Obama's views? It shouldn't define me as a person or anything I do. It shouldn't stop me from be associated with people I already know and care about.
For someone, who clearly liked your music, to post a comment like that one and to announce that they'll no longer deal with you really, really pisses me off. Political views shouldn't interfere with anything but politics, that's why there's a separation between church and state. Music is Music, Politics is Politics, and they're so different that I don't know how people could even associate them.
I'm just going to go on a little rant here real quick: Also, many people don't vote for the right reasons. There were many people who voted for McCain just so Obama wouldn't win (and vice-versa). There were many people who voted for McCain because Obama is black and even people who voted for Obama because Obama is black. People vote for a candidate because of false rumors about the other one. People vote Republican because they're parents taught them to. People vote Democratic because they're parents are Republican. You shouldn't judge a candidate based on any of that.
I'm for Obama because of his views, and I'm proud to say no one decided that for me.