Thursday, 13 November 2008

Here I am

I have decided to make the switch. I've put the subscribe button at the top, if you click on 'posts' then whatever you use will hopefully be on the list, if not you'll have to add the subscription manually. You can also 'follow this blog' over on the right. I have no idea what this means so if anyone wants to tell me, please do!

I've sorted out my blogroll, anyone nice enough to have my old blog on theirs, I hope you're nice enough to update it for me!

I may have a look for some external themes later, this one is alright but I'd like something more personal. Though Doug says they're confusing!

So I'm feeling quite at home. Sorry if you're bored of all my blog talk, I'm sure nobody cares but me, but it's over now I promise!



Jon said...

Hey! Welcome over!

You are now added on my Google Reader.


Whiteandfluffy said...

Hay ther may I be the second to say Welcome over :o)

Caaameron said...

Wilkommen. Bienvenue.
That's welcome in German and French, respectively. Not sure about the German but whatever.
Will be nice to read your blogs on here now =)

doug said...

you can point mine to or, because i'm in the process of switching and will have done so within a few hours :]

Barry Aldridge said...

Welcome Dave to Blogger. Hope you like it. said...

I too would switch

the only thing is, I dunno if I could keep my domain name.

because I spent a whole £7 on that!

Morryme said...

Following's just blogger jargon for subscribe, like. But like within blogger subscribe. Something like that.


ariel said...

yeah, when you have a blogger account, you can follow any blogs and they show up in a feed type thing in your account dashboard.
its pretty good.

rachel said...

welcome to blogger =]

and adding to what everyone else has said, blogger following is just subscribing through your blogger account and it shows up on your dashboard. i quite like it.

doug said...

i figured out the external themes! :D :D

Anne Karoline said...

welcome to blogger...i new to blogger too and i'm lovin' it!!

superhands said...

Followed ya:)