Monday, 17 November 2008


I know what Blogger is missing... BLOG STATS! I used to like looking at all the stats on WordPress, they were class! View counts and incoming links and clicks on outgoing links... Oh and it tells you what searches brought people to your blog via search engines. I got some hilarious ones. Other than that I'm liking blogger more. Though one thing I would say, WordPress makes me want to use better English, I feel like I should use emoticons and shit on here, going to have to resist that urge.

I could make an amazing blot hosting site if I... could be fucked.
(And knew anything about websites.)




likeWOAHitsLeeAnn said...

I've officially watched your one week video fifty thousand times.

okay. maybe not quite.
but still.

it's so catchy. I've always loved that song but you guys made it better.

doug said...

Yeh, I missed the stats thing too... but then i found Google Analytics! search for it.

it gives more indepth stuff about your vistors, but i dont think it shows incoming/outgoing links :/

Veel said...

you can use as your add on on here, they'll give you all those. the only annoying thing about them is they have a limit of 1000users or something, and then you have to clear the data everytime it reaches the limit.

there's a bunch of other add ons thats probably better, but some of them requires payment.


Veel said...

p.s. i once got someone Googling 'Chris Crocker taking a bath' ending up on my blog..LOL

Dale said...

Google Analytics ftw.

Dave said...

Ohhh fanks guys... Trying Google Analytics now.

Erika said...

Check out Google Analytics. it's pretty good for the Stats!