Wednesday, 12 November 2008

There's something you should know...

I'm thinking about moving... Here

What do you think?

I've been on wordpress for quite a while but it's annoying how blogspot seems to be... Well better! I'm also getting quite a bit of traffic and you can use adsense over there. Seems a waste not to use it.

The main problems are everyone would have to add the new one to their blog thing, google reader or whatever you all use, and that would inevitably result in losing readers. But to be honest I don't mind how many people read these and the people I care about would follow me, it's not exactly difficult. More importantly I might lose all the old blogs. I like having them all in one place. I'm not sure if it's possible to export it and import the whole thing, comments and all, into blogspot.

So if anyone has any advice, especially people who have used both or who know about importing the old blogs into blogspot, please comment on here.

In other news I'm thinking about writing a Christmas EP. I think that makes six I'm currently planning. Not sure about this one though, all depends on how easily the writing comes.



You can stick on Trockin' Around the Killer Tree if you need some filler.

Rachel said...

i've never used wordpress, so i'm sorry i can't give you a comparison. i've only used blogger, and i like it. there are a lot of features [again, i haven't used wordpress, so i don't know if they have the same features]

as for transferring, i'm not entirely sure, but if you want to go through the trouble you can pre set dates and time for blogger and repost them [seems like a bit of trouble] i think you should keep this blog, and just continue from blogger. just have a giant sign that says "i've moved!!"

and i'm sure if your followers really like you [and i'm sure they do, a lot] they won't mind adding another url, it's not that much of a hassle. but that's all just my opinion. i'm sorry i'm not much help, but good luck on your decision =]

Katrina said...

I know it might seem like a hassle, but you can always move your old blogs to blogspot by copying and pasting. You can even change the date so it corresponds to when you origainally posted it. I don't think you can transfer comments, however, which is unfortunate.

So, is it worth the sacrifice to transfer to blogspot? I think so. But you do what you think is best. :-)

Barry Aldridge said...

Blogger is really good. I think there is a way of importing old blogs to it.

Good luck with the Christmas EP.

Jon said...

Yea come on over! Like you said there are more things you can do, but that is a bit annoying about your comments etc.

I'm sure some clever geek out there somewhere knows how to do this or ask my mate Google.


doug said...

if you do it, i will too

wordsfromblueskies said...

Hahaha it's like a suicide pact!

gnotknormal said...

If you feel like a change, go for it. I can't give you any advice about changing over (so sorry for wasting a comment lol), but I'm sure loads of people would follow you over there, like you said, it's not difficult to start following another blog if you actually read this one. I use firefox's update scanner for all my blogs, it takes like 2 clicks to start following your new blog.

Plus, out of all the blogs I read, yours is definitly one of the most interesting and most probably the best written out of them all. x

Bujio said...

Hey Dave. I just looked it up, and Blogger so far doesn't allow you to import non-blogger blogs into its database. You can go from blogger to wordpress, but not the other way around. You could always cut and paste, but I think that would be a hassle, yea?

Lucy said...

dooooo it. ^_^
Join the Blogspot team. Hehe.
I use blogspot and it's really nice. I like the way it works. There probably is a way you can import your old stuff.

But you would need a better theme =P

PS Dear god finish one of your EPs! =D and but The World's Still Ending on it. ^_^

Vutarie said...

i think you should stick with wordpress, but i guess it doesn't really matter.
people tend to get a bit confused about the commenting system on blogspot, though (at least that's what they tell me, idk, personally i don't see it)

Shweta said...

I'm excited at the prospect of you (possibly) using Blogspot.

My advice (regarding old posts), keep this blog open (even if you don't post much/ever). It's what I did with my old, highschool blog =)

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side! It's cooler, we have AdSense (was gonna say cookies, but it made little sense).