Sunday, 16 November 2008

Adverts and Ideas

Have you noticed YouTube has gone ad crazy this last week? It seems like every monetised partner video has in-video ads, there used to be very few of those. Even old videos that didn't have them when uploaded have got them. I don't know if this is gonna mean adsense will pay more, unfortunately it takes quite a long time for them to update so I won't find out for a while. I can't afford to turn down the extra money by turning them off, but if there isn't a noticeable rise then I definitely will because there's no doubt they're annoying.

I have so many half written songs and half complete ideas at the moment. I don't know where to start. I also have a cold which means I can't sing. This isn't helping at all. I want to put these tracks on itunes, which means they all have to be ready before I make videos for any of them. I wish I could just do one then release it with a video and move on, but it's more expensive that way. My plan is to put Happy Friday and One Track Mind, both acoustic and electric versions plus a new song I'm working on. I know if I just put up electric versions people would moan, this way they can choose, or even better - buy both! So I'm just gonna pick a song and start doing whatever needs to be done, and I need to tone down the perfectionist thing because I need to get through these.

I think the key to becoming financially dependant on selling music, at least for now, is to write lots of songs, not to spend weeks making each song sound perfect. Most people wouldn't even notice the difference anyway. Of course I want to make stuff that sounds great, but I think I'll always have several things going on at once, that's how I work... So if I always have one of those things that I put a lot of time into and will probably make hard copies of to sell, for example the acoustic EP with Untitled, Don't Go, Alone Again etc... Then the other things I will try to make quicker, get them on itunes, promote them with a few videos and move on.

Oh and the Christmas EP idea, I have written one song but that remains on the possibility list. I'm not sure if I will have time to get it done.

Hope you're well.


Jon said...

Yea it has got advert crazy hasn't it, even a massive iPod one on the homepage!

Also if you didn't know you can pay to advertise yourself on YouTube, so if you wanted you could buy yourself some new subscribers. Just go to if you wanna know any more.

Good luck with your music, I look forward to it all.


3sixty5days said...

I've risen alot in the last few days because of it.
So I think its working

3sixty5days said...

Just noticed you can turn it off at the bottom of "Edit Video"

Anonymous said...

Yeah I noticed that with the adverts.

I still don't know how to download all the new songs on MySpace, I don't understand the new thingy :(. I love your music, I want more lol.

I wasn't lying when I said I only have MySpace to download it.

Barry Aldridge said...

I noticed that too mate, with all these adverts. The Ipod one the other day was a shocker.

I agree that I dont turn it off because it could be something extra.

Jon is right that you can advertise yourself on Youtube.

ariel said...

soup saves souls from sickness yeah?

the in-video ads are really a pain. as just a viewer and not someone who makes money from them, i know i minimize them and forget about them.

Jon said...

Just been checking my adsense and I am definitely getting more clicks now so in a way it is working.

Is it the same for you?

Dave said...

It is, but only the content host bit is updated, the majority of the revenue comes from the part just labelled 'youtube' and that doesn't update until after the month is finished.