Monday, 27 October 2008

Unintentional fasting.

So a whole load of youtube people met up on Saturday. I didn't go to this one for a few reasons, one of which was I had to be in Nottingham for a gig at 1:30 today so I couldn't have stayed the night without getting up early. Though I was pretty sad and jealous that I missed seeing old friends, I've been out making new ones, which made up for it.

So today was that gig that involved a 40 minute drive each way to play just three songs. I left at 2:00 (I know I was meant to be there at 1:30, shut up) and got back around midnight. Yeh - those were three LONG songs! Well it turned out that I was the last of about 12 people to play three songs so I actually played somewhere around 5:30. I didn't think it went that well but then I haven't played in quite a while and 3 songs doesn't really give you much time to get going. Still it was judged and they gave me third place, which was nice - behind a guy called Ben who I was hanging out with for most of the night and is amazing and a girl whose set I didn't really see much of but is supposedly very good too.

After the gig, a few of us went back to Sarah's (my cousin) for a little after party / music masterclass for her neighbours. We had a bit of a jam and played songs for each other. Along with Sarah and me, Ben was there and two of the judges, one of whom - an old guy named Eric - would have done well if he'd entered the competition, the other would have won it hands down. That's a folk singer called Gren Bartley who you should check out, especially if you live around Nottingham because live he is something else. He taught me to play banjo, and any day you learn to play the banjo is a good day. It's really anti-intuitive for a guitarist, he said he only cracked it when he was ill and did nothing else for a week but lie in bed and practise this strumming pattern that most of his banjo playing style is based on.

During all of this time I haven't eaten, so from breakfast just before 11am until getting home just before midnight I didn't eat a thing. I was not feeling good. I ate a meal for two and was still hungry after it, I think because I ate it so fast that I'd finished before the first mouthful had reached my growling stomach.

Well anyway it was a very good day, got a few more amazing musicians in my phone contacts, and they spoke very kindly about my abilities. The next hater comment I read will have even less affect that usual when I remember people of their talents saying nice things about me. It was also nice to see that the best musicians in the bar that night were also the nicest people. Often you hear that it goes to peoples heads or whatever... But I find usually that great musicians are nice people, it's the ones who think they are great but really aren't, they tend to be pricks.

I'll probably do another blog linking some of the awesomeness I met today but I can't be bothered to go look for them right now. So I'll just leave you with a joke, possibly the best joke ever, I'll let you be the judge.

What's brown and rhymes with snoop? Answer.


Jon said...

Sounds like that gig was good fun and that joke is amazing!!!


superhands said...

That aftershow jam thing sounds pretty Libertinesey.
Glad you had a good time.I'd like to see who got first and second cause they must be AMAZING to have beaten you.

Shweta said...

It took me about ten seconds to get that joke. At first, I thought the answer was going to read "soup"..

.. if you like your soup brown anyway.

Glad you had fun =)

Neal (whiteandfluffy) said...

Gutted SO SO SO Gutted

I would so have come and seen you play your 3 songs, Would have been ace to see you again live :o)

Was ace seeing you last time :o)

Oh well if only I didnt work in a job that works weekends