Friday, 10 October 2008


That's the date, not a perfect score.

So I got my first money from youtube, I know - it's only been eight months!

Sarcasm aside I didn't expect to get anything from it when I signed up and I'd be making the videos anyway so insert your own cliché saying about me not being such an ungrateful bastard here.

Anyway I spent twice as much as I received on clothes, a haircut and a ticket to London and back this weekend. Did resist buying a nice long overcoat for winter but I still want one because they're awesome.

In town I saw a sign saying 'No pushchairs on the escalator please.' It was placed so you would see it just as you were about to get off the escalator. Very sensible.

Here's something that's nice, of all the blogs I read on google reader, which is over 50, the only people who have more readers than me are John Green, who is a writer, and Amazing Phil, who is amazing. So thank you for caring about the things I write, and for not sending me anthrax letters when I accidentally posted my address on here. In fact! Today I got sent this...

*goes to find camera*


well it's a birthday card with the words "with love on your birthday a random day of the week" typed/written, followed by, "HAI DAVE! You just got Nonjanated! ... Nicanated! ... Sent a shit card!" And in compensation for this I was given 2p and a hug made out of post it note. I try to avoid drawing punctuation/alpha-numeric pictures in this blog, but I am allowing an exception to this rule for Nic, just this once... <333333333

Possibly the best start to the day ever, apart from maybe climbing over a fence like a ninja to get to work.

I want to do a video involving sending people letters. I was gonna do it the other day but I did the texts video instead because it was easier! That's doing well, not in views - I never seem to get high views anymore, but it's top rated in all categories for the 'day' which is much longer than 24 hours for some reason.

In totally unrelated news, I am totally in love with Conor Oberst's album. It's all that drags me away from listening to Midnight Hideout lately. Oh downloads are working for me on myspace again, they aren't for everyone but if you want to download Tom's stuff or mine, as I put a bunch of new ones on my second myspace, it's worth a try. But yes, Conor Oberst, I had to record a version of Milk Thistle because it's beautiful. I put it on my second channel. I don't think I've ever mentioned my second youtube channel before, it was for private videos that I didn't care about anyone seeing other than who they were for, then I used it to test uploads sometimes, but I'm thinking of using it a bit more, maybe even linking the partnership. So I feel like blog readers deserve to be told!

Can't be bothered fitting links in so here they are:

Second youtube

Download Tom's stuff

Download my covers

Have a good night.


Nic said...

Yay it came =) i only posted it yesterday afternoon, that was speedy work!

I had it in my bag for a week or 2 but kept only remebering the letter after walking about 15 metres the post box on the way to/from the train station and i certainly wasnt about to turn around and look like a fool!

Nic said...

15 metres *past the post box

doug said...

i thiiiink a 'today' honor on youtube lasts 48 hours
i was gunna send you something (not anthrax [altho actually...]) but never got round to it haha.
maybe if i'm bored one day =]
yay for your haircut xD =3rd time

cheekychen said...

random mail is amazing! In fact about a year ago i set up a group on facebook dedicated to snail mail.. where you send random shit to random peeps.. just checked it for the first time in months, er yar..

peace :D

Paul said...

I share your admiration for Conor Oberst's music. Maybe he is more appreciated by musicians than most of the public. I don't see much mention of his group by YouTubers (where I found your music). Maybe its his seriousness and irony. I'm not a musician but I'm old enough to have lived through most of the musical eras Oberst is influenced by, and I think he is truly impressive.