Monday, 6 October 2008

Bang up to date.

I was just about to go make some dinner when I heard the words 'I'm making paella, do you want some' from downstairs. Fuck yeah.

So I've used what would have been cooking time to update the links on here. I've added a lot of friends blogs that I have found since I last updated it. I like it when I find out people have blogs so if you have any suggestions then feel free to leave a comment, though I don't really read any blogs from people I don't know.

I'm so glad I started this, and I'm glad that a lot of my friends do it too, I think blogging is a great thing to do and especially good for long distance friendships. Nobody can make videos everyday (apart from Barry Aldridge, who can make nine) so it's a good way to stay close to people.

I've found that about twitter as well, I thought it more than likely I would stop using that site after a day, but it's nice to interact with people, even if it is just a line or two back and forth, just that bit of regular conversation - it's what's missing from a lot of online relationships.

So the house party tour idea went down well! I was looking at a map earlier planning a route in my head! I know it won't be for a long time, but I can't wait!

Well that's all for now. I encourage you to have a look at the links to the right of this page for some blogs, and to start one yourself if you haven't already.



Ginger Chris said...

the boxes still have chris' details in lol

Ginger Chris said...

I like men

Ginger Chris said...

Oh yeah, do a gig in Glasgow obv

Ginger Chris said...


Liam said...

Sorry anyway, yes, blogging is wonderful and I'm glad the road trip plan is underway =D
How was the paella?

Jon said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your list!

Hope your paella was nice, you have got me really wanting some now! And where am I gonna get paella at this time of night!!


Barry Aldridge said...

Hey Dave, It is great to keep a list of all the blogs which is really cool.

Glad your idea is going well.

Plus I dont do videos every day now, just taking a break from them for a couple of weeks starting from last week.

imoldjosh said...

I have a link on Dave from blue skies' blog.

Win <3

Caro said...

i dunno if you know him or not, but greg holden has a great blog.

Ciara said...

I started a blog because i always read youtubes peoples ones =D
Havn't been that good at keeping it up-to-date though =S

Good luck with the preparation for the tour thing! *cough*comeovertoireland*cough* xD

cheekychen said...

oh man I wish I was better at reading blogs. I'm ashamed to say i weren't even RSSing yours. useless. Am now of course, but I only check the ol' reader intermittently.. maybe I'll get better. hmph...

house party tour you say?! *tags own house!
Infact, I'm organising a shindig in a few weeks at a bar in soho if you're free.. Not sure of the details just yet but you'll get a mail soon enough xx

thisisace said...

Love the longer list of blogs. Got to add some of those to my list !

Can I recommend:

Charlie's Transmission -
who posts most days

and mine ! -