Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Need a name

What should I call this song?

Some thoughts:

One track mind
New cliché
Unique cliché
Hurling clichés in a glass house

Or any other suggestions, in the comments please. =)


Meri said...

I like New Cliché.


Singers in glass houses shouldn't throw clichés.

doug said...

i like 'One track mind'
- 'one track' is a good triphamodo*

or 'Call Me Cliché'

*triphamodo means 'a word, string of words or sentence that can be read in more ways than one' [because i've forgotten what the real word is that describes that situation.]


I quite like one track mind.

Have To Fall...

silly suggestions follow:
Clichés and tea-trays.
Trockolate Clichés.
The Void (In my heart)
The Coxxination Song

doug said...

Trone track trind
Trew Triché
Trunique triché
trurling trichés trin tra trass trouse

RandomProdInc said...

One track mind sounds good

Sophie Elizabeth said...


Sophie Elizabeth said...

I like: "Unique Cliché" OR PERHAPS "cliché suicide"

Although i think "Fucking Musicians" would suit quite well :) Although swearing... TUT TUT
OR "Long words; not for the faint hearted"
Those words made my brain hurt :)

Dom said...

How about 'you' or 'him' or 'that'

minish said...

I like "One Track Mind," though I would also throw "More Than Cliché" into the brainstorm.

r said...

i vote for one track mind

Veel said...

one track mind is an attractive title.

you voice reminds me of the library because i listen to my iPod while i'm studying and your songs (blatantly ripped off YouTube) floods said iPod.

gambatte kudasaaii on the ep!

Sara said...

I like New Cliche.

Or the one someone else suggested "Singers in glass houses shouldn't throw cliches"

Pav said...

No idea about this music stuff, but im just going with:

Ahh prick

thegadgetdude said...

New cliché deffo init.


...actually no just use New cliché.

Adriana said...

I like "Unique, genuinely, positively new" as the title

Adriana said...

or just

genuinely, positively new

now i come to think of it

superhands said...

Unique cliché =D

OR something lovely about me mayhaps..

Jay said...

One Track Mind.
Me lieks.

cheekychen said...

so, who's the lady?

what about 'boobies for brunch'