Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Right I get asked all the time what mic/guitar/software etc, etc I use. So I'm gonna write it all here then link people to it. No need for regular blog readers to continue from this point unless you're interested in that.


I use an AKG C414 for most things. I also have an sm58 which I use for gigs and a samson C01U that was given to me by the RNLI... Don't ask. I haven't really used that one for anything other than skype.

Fender cutaway acoustic DG 14SCE
Epiphone Sheraton II
Burns Marquee
Yamaha bass stolen from my cousin
Dean acoustic bass also stolen from my cousin

Upright made by Kemble London. I know nothing more about it apart from it's beautiful.
And a midi controller keyboard, M-Audio: Axiom 61.

I only have an electric kit - a Yamaha DTXpress. I'd love an acoustic kit but they're quite loud and there's a baby next door.

I have a firewire mixer which negates the need for an external sound card, it's an Alesis multimix 12.

24 inch iMac (2.93GHz core 2 duo, 4GB RAM)

I use Logic Pro now, earlier stuff was done on Cubase.

AKG K271 headphones
Alesis proliner720 speakers
Plectrums - I like the simple nylon ones about 1mm thick (though I can't find one to check... I lose them so fast it is, at times, unbelievable). Tried hundreds and I always come back to those. Thin enough to strum, think enough to pick. Just right.
Digitech RP50 and Behringer UF100 guitar pedals.
I own approximately seven thousand jack leads.

Camera - JVC Everio
Software - Final Cut Pro. Earlier videos made in iMovieHD


If you have a question about gear that is not answered leave it as a comment and I will try to update this entry. I'll try to update it as I get new stuff as well.


dooogiee said...

oh wow.. the Axiom 61 is fittt
i didn't realise you had such a nice/expensive setup! lucky boy.. you don't even have a job! tut

superhands said...

Not that you'd give a shit but we use the same plecs:) and for the same reasons

Pav said...

I love you hair in your videos, I was just wondering, what type of dick lick do you use in it?

Kristen said...

You're freaking pimped out!