Saturday, 18 October 2008


Been recording a song the past couple of days, basically just as I teach myself to use logic (the music production software... not the study of the principles governing reliable inference). It's one I've been meaning to put on my channel for the last two months since I sung it on my indieduction video.

I made it electric and I think it has potential, though I'm listening now and can hear a lot I want to work on. I'm thinking of doing an electric version of Happy Friday (and maybe another) and selling them together as a way to get used to itunes or whatever else I may use to sell songs, before my proper EP is ready.

I've uploaded it to myspace, but currently music on myspace is working about as well as the Bush administration's economic policies (Oh yes, this blog now official counts as political/current events) and as such the song has been processing for hours and won't let me do anything, even delete it. SORT IT OUT TOM!

Anyway I uploaded it to lastfm, which is less utterly terrible. So long story short CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE DEMO!

And do let me know what you think. Leave a comment... anywhere. I'll get it.


Jon said...

Demo sounds pretty good, it is such a good song that I think it has the capabilities to work acoustic or electric.

To start with I was thinking "ahh I preferred the acoustic version", but by the end I think I actually like this better.

Really like the solo bit near the end too.


Claire said...

Think I may just have found this years x-mas number one!
First x-factor winner not to get it since the show started, reckon they'll be quite upset, but it will be for the good of music.

Needless to say, loved the demo =]

Caro said...

i do really like the song, but i liked the acoustic-indieduction-thingy version a lot better than the electric one....but i guess that'sa just taste and since you don't really listen to edvice usually this is kinda pointless..but yeah... who cares?
x Caro