Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ok Alex, you have inspired me!

To set myself some goals for the month of April. 

I need something to aim at because I can easily do nothing for long periods of time. So I need to think about what I want to do this month. Well we've just finished, and won, Upstaged, so it's a positive time to start! I'll write a proper blog on that experience soon. Anyway, I already pretty much have planned out where my share of the money is going so I will make sorting that out goal number one:

  1. Buy microphone, video camera and amp. (The last one may change if I think of something more important.)

What else? I should have something about my websites, I think:

  2. Post at least one video and one blog every week.

I'll try for more but we'll see how it goes then maybe May's goals can be more ambitious! Also I don't think I should set a goal on subscribers because I don't feel like I have any control over that.

SONGS! This is gonna be the most important one, I need to make myself write and once goal 1 is done I can start recording again. So I think I'll say:

  3. Record 'Don't go' full length. (I already have a short version that went on the 'talk with dave and benloka' show)

  4. Write at least 2 full songs, chords and lyrics.

Again not too ambitious, but it's my first month! Plus I'm hardly a prolific writer.

So yay for me becoming more organised! I'm going to put these up on my wall somewhere, oh and speaking of walls:

  5. Put up those shelves and guitar wall hanger thing that I've had lying around since christmas!

Right then, that's April sorted. Now I just have to... you know - do it.


dooogiee said...

I like. I like.

I would do this too, but i'm just so busy that i just have to fit stuff in whenever i can / be bothered

and that aint really gunna change till i go 2 america in june! "/

do u really need an amp?
maybe hold out for a while in case you do think of something better.

Justin said...

Hah, I gotta get myself a new mic as well. ^_^

Jesse said...

You should also add more to the about me page :P

aneverangryVeela said...

you like writing in points!~

i just wanted to drop a comment