Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Collab ep?

A thought occurred to me today. Well actually it began last night when Jay put up this video. I was watching it and I kept singing along, playing along, just generally having to press play again and again. Then I thought of a message Nikki had sent me about a week ago 'warning' me that she was thinking of  stealing the audio from one of my videos and adding to it, she showed me a video in which she'd done it before and it was really good, but I said fuck that lets just do a song properly... But I'll get back to that. I couldn't get enough of this song, a Radiohead cover by the way, 'A Wolf at the Door'. So I decided to give Nikki's idea a go.

I ripped the song and added a guitar track, some vocals, strings, just spent a few hours playing with the song. Anyway I really enjoyed doing it and I like the end product too. Having finished it I asked Jay if it would be ok... I find that's a much better way around than getting permission first, then what if they say no?! Of course he never would but it could have turned out rubbish then I wouldn't want him to know! So if you're interested it's now on myspace.

Anyway this got me really enthusiastic for the collabs I have planned and as you've probably guessed having read the title, I'm thinking of releasing them all together as an ep. It'll be free I imagine as they will be cover songs - and I will probably let people download them as soon as each one is ready as I do with all my covers, but once I have 5 or 6 I can get some artwork and do a video with a link to a free download to the full collab ep.

So there's a plan! So far I have agreed to do a song with Nikki as I mentioned before, Ivens, and I want to do one properly with Jay. But now I have this idea I might approach people. Not sure who but I'll keep it in the youtube family I imagine, and I'll think about the ep as I go, I reckon I'll probably ask Ben and Ed and I could do with another girl... EMILY! She did this song for school or something, it was really good. Haven't talked to her in ages though. I guess that's the ep already full if they all say yes so I better stop thinking of people! Though I recently discovered a whole load of very talented Dutch blues guitarists! Who knew?

Haha I just thought of davedays, I might ask him to do one... Blatantly won't but fuck it - can't hurt to ask! His cover of that Alicia Keys song was great.

I also want to do a bigger musical collab, get three of four people in. Not sure of any youtuber that plays and can record drums well, that would be quite an important part. Any suggestions?

Oh also today I pretty much finished recording 'Don't Go' which was one of the month's goals. I'll do a proper blog about the successes and failures of the goals in a day or two. But I'm glad to have that one done.


Finally and totally off topic, and in fact I'm writing this several hours after the rest, All English Champions League final! Brilliant! But... It's in Moscow. What the fuck? Screw that - play it at Wembley!


Michela said...

thats an awesome idea dave!! i love doing that...well i mean, i'm not good with guitar, but i like taking songs and simplifying the chords or breaking them up and making piano ballads..haha.

good luck with the ep, i cant WAIT for it!

Jon said...

Sounds good, I can play drums (I'm not that good though), but have no way or recording them.

Ed said...

Great idea, Dave! I'd be happy to be involved, just let me know what you'd like to cover. Which reminds me, I've still got to get around to that Klaxons song! I've tried a few, but I'm not 100% confident at any of them...

As long as you don't do Such Great Heights with Emily - I have reserved that privilege!

Jesse said...

I'm looking forward to watching your upcoming videos. If you need help with the artwork for them I'd be glad to help, but I'm sure you've got that covered.

Dom said...


Claudia said...

Sounds cool Dave :)

Dom said...

you have the ability to change people's comments I see.

Also I'm an idiot.

That would be a yes Dom!