Friday, 18 April 2008

Get signed. Get famous.

I've received a lot of comments over the passed few months from people telling me I should get signed by some major record label, and even more often that I should 'be famous'.

The idea of being famous frankly horrifies me.

Recognition is another matter. I'd love for my music to be known and liked by more people. Getting signed is a tricky one, because it does lead to a bigger audience, but I just don't think I'm ready for that. I'm recording an ep right now and no one has touched it apart from me. I like that. I want to be able to look back at this, because it will always be the first ep I ever made, and I want it to be mine. Maybe that sounds greedy, but if there's a time and a place to be greedy it's in controlling your own artistic freedom.

I posted a video of a song today that I think might go on the end of the ep. It's played on piano which would add something different to the guitar based songs I have so far. I like the lyrics. I think they're clever. this is a big thing for me because usually I don't like the things I write. That's why I only have about 7 completed songs. They are the only ones I was happy with the lyrics. You should see how many half written songs I have!

I know I failed to write a blog every week, but I've done three videos this week and as videos are more important I'm going to let myself off the hook! Still need to get songwriting. Driving to london and back this weekend and for once I'm not actually doing the driving, that should be a good time to write. Then again in my experience, good times never get results, it's the really inconvienient times that great songs come from.


Holly said...

Hey, found your iris on youtube, I know everyone tells you this but it was awesome. Hmmmmm maybe I shouldn't have said that, didn't you say you were ' egotistical, narcissistic maniac'? :) hehe please dont go all nickelback on us!

reading yr blog, so would u rather be an unsigned, kinda underground act, than get sign and be top 40 sort of thing? You make it sound like you don't want to be signed at all.
Oh n cause I want to be different, do you really have a maths degree? Any chance of an explanation of binomial expansion of (1+x) ^n. Sorry its so sad to ask that, but im totally stuck.

Wb Holly x

Amaryllis said...

I know what you mean...your music is like my writing.
I've had my work published but to become famous and greedy with money would defeat the purpose of it all.

Best wishes and lots of luck.

NessaRae said...

thats awesome that you're working on your EP(can't wait!!!). i also think its good that your just keeping it to yourself , i have no real explanation as to why i think its good i just think that way. trying to do stuff while having a good time i find to be difficult, cuz u want enjoy the time aswell. thats like me and taking pictures of things for photography class while i'm with my friends, whom i haven't seen in over 3 months( hoping that made sense). anyway take care and hope to meet u one day!!!
- Ness

Inbal said...

I dont really can say if u r right or wrong, because eventually u need to do what you believe it to be right for your self, and not for others.
i really love ur music and i love watching you sing and play, and to watch ur vids in general, dont stop posting videos on youtube. you are great.

Inbal ;]

dooogiee said...

'it’s the really inconvienient times that great songs come from.'

Same... i dunno why that is! :S

notwrittenbyaninja said...

z0mg yu shud gt signd den u cn gt famus n get lds of moneh!



Mandy Kelly said...

(Sorry it's so long... I couldn't stop once I started!)

First of all, you had written that you would post one blog per week, not per 7 days… using the standard ‘Sunday to Saturday’ week, you are still on track with goal #2.

Secondly, you are not only extremely talented, funny, intelligent, and good looking- you also have that down to Earth quality that so many so-called famous people are lacking. You know ‘what’s what’ and I hope you always keep your logic and your common sense close at hand. Once you 'become' famous, it's hard to become un-famous. Be sure. Your blog made me proud to be a Blue Skies fan and if I wasn’t before, I am definitely now, a Dave fan. But I’m pretty sure I was before…

For now, instead of fame, find the successes in what you do. If hundreds of people telling you they loved your music makes you smile- success! If thousands of people watching one of your videos within the first 24 hrs makes you happy- success! If getting a complimentary comment from MandyKell makes your day- success! :P
When you are ready for fame, I will wish it for you, but in the meantime, I will wish you obscene amounts of success… whatever success means for you…

Delfina said...

all the best in whatever you do! you always have us (fans) behind to catch you when you fall (touchwood!)! =D

Caro said...

i know what you mean... being famous isn't easy and i like the way you enjoy your music and just are happy that people like it. I think fame would spoil that in a way. But still; keep 'em coming at least on youtube^^ thx!
Love caro

nikki said...

hi dave,

i should've stumbled onto this blog sooner.
i agree with your sentiments, sir, fame is not a concept i like to think about, but just an appreciation for what you enjoy doing is wonderful.

just know that your fans are already very supportive of you & we'd love to see you go on to bigger & better things! you deserve it :j


Dan said...

Which is the weirdest thing, it's when you're really down in the dumps that a great song comes to you, and it's not always a soft/slow song either.

Which is proof that emo kids aren't really emo, because when they write songs even though they are in a bad place, the songs are absolute shit 99% of the time.