Thursday, 10 April 2008

In accordance with goal #2.

Which was to post a video and a blog at least once a week, meaning I have to write a blog before midnight. This has put me in an unfamiliar situation, usually I come and write something because I have something I want to write, but this one is because I told myself I would. I guess an update on how the goals for April are going. The first one was to buy myself some new toys! A good place to start and it has been done. Today I recorded a video with my new camera using my new microphone... while looking at my new shelves! So that's numbers one and five (5 = shelves) crossed off the list. This post and the afore mentioned, and currently uploading, video keeps goal number 2 on track. Three and four I've made no progress on, but they were really waiting for the new mic so hopefully next week I'll have more to report.

So going quite well so far, despite the close call on this post!

This Saturday is Alex's gathering. Now, I know we have a lot of gatherings but that doesn't make it feel ok to miss one for some reason! I want to go to this just as much as I did Manchester last month, and I'm sure I will Glasgow in May. I still only see these people, many of whom I consider to be very good friends, every month or two, so it's important to me. This one has the added feature of being Alex's birthday, and as I'm staying at his, the first time I will have been to another youtubers house... Just realised that's a total lie - I've been to Jazza's . Nevermind. The point is I'm excited for another weekend in London. Actually I'll be there next weekend as well as it's my cousin's birthday... did somebody say 'musicals' themed fancy dress?! Suggestions for what to go as are welcome.

Oh the video just uploaded! I was worried because youtube messed up earlier but it seems to have fixed itself. I think it's a good one. Let's see how it goes down! (I love this part.)

I'm off to watch youtube star - the newest youtube craze.

Speak soon my lovelies.


doug said...

yay for london and yay for goals =)

n33l3sh said...

i wish i went to the nerifest gathering,

i like that word, "nerifest"

i'll add it to my pc's dictionary XD.