Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The End of April

So another month has dawned it's final day and as I did, for the first time in my life, set myself some goals I suppose I'd better see how I did. I have them written up on my wall so let's have a look...

1. Buy stuff. That was the mic and camera if you can remember back that far, I did get those, haven't got the amp but I wasn't sure about that. I still think I need one though. But that's a success!

2. Video and blog every week. There was one week when I was a day late blogging I seem to remember, but I also remember that the lovely Mandy Kelly pointed out that if you consider each week to be the standard Sunday - Saturday, I in fact did blog every week this month! Loopholes for the win. The videos had no close calls, in fact one week I uploaded three! So I'm calling this one a success.

3. Record 'Don't Go'. This one I've pretty much done, there is a trumpet in it which I had to do with MIDI (a keyboard) and it would be nice to get a real trumpet on it, but that's beyond me at the moment so I couldn't really have done it. I'm not sure whether to look for someone to do it, or to look for a trumpet to borrow and figure it out myself. I tend to prefer the latter.

4. Write two songs. EPIC FAIL. Haven't written any full songs. I did rediscover an old one that I hadn't thought about in months (Alone Again) and it's going on the EP I think. So having gained a song for the EP, I've not lost too much ground here. However, I didn't write and I need to. I could say ok just say 'write one song' to make it easier next month, but I think I need to go the other way, so I might say write four songs. But I'll leave May until tomorrow.

5. Put up shelves and guitar wall hanger thing. Done.


So overall not bad for my first month. I'm looking forward to thinking about next month's goals, especially as I'm all excited about this collabs EP idea, I expect that should feature quite heavily, and as I won't be such a perfectionist/twat about that as my actual EP I'm hopeful that progress will be a lot faster, of course relying on other people means I won't have complete control, but I'm looking forward to that too.

With the completion on goal #5, my 'post it wall' has turned into a 'post it shelf', they are all in a line stuck the the new shelf in front of me, and it's filling up. Fast. So I'm going to try saying no to people, something which I'm very bad at. But it must be done.

Well, enough for now, the champions league semi final is starting.

See you in May. 

Oh p.s. the blog seems to be working, I'm writing regularly and so I had a look around and managed to start archiving the posts into months. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if it was doing this already, I didn't check, but it is now and that's all that matters.


Dom said...

I am commenting on your blog which I read with my eyes. The lack of me being mentioned was a disappointment but meh.

Jesse said...

Glad to see you're getting things done dave :)