Friday, 21 March 2008

Things I've noticed about this site.

  • The spellchecker does not understand the word 'blog'.
  • I don't know how to reply to comments. I am quite computer literate and this makes me believe it is not possible.
  • It sends me two emails for every one comment posted in reply to a blog.
  • It really wants me to have a blogroll. All I want is to call it 'friends blogs', but it doesn't like that name. It always wants to put new links under 'blogroll'.
  • The spellchecker does not understand the word 'blogroll'.
  • It hates macs. It wont allow them paragraphing privileges.
  • Apart from the problems above, I like it.


Claudia said...

So leaving you this comment will send you two emails? Hmmm so if I leave five comments, you'll get ten emails... and if I leave you ten comments... just kidding, I won't do that. lol.

dooogiee said...

WOOO yay for hating macs! xD

u cant reply to comments.. which is a bit stupid. you just have to post it as a new comment.. but then the person ur reply to wont read it
#1 is weird.

Carol J. Richardson said...

Just a quick comment or two. I am sorry about Alex. He is a very funny guy
and I know you two made a good team. But as you say, work is important
and bills have to be paid. Darn!! I couldn't vote like I wanted on Monday since
I had to be gone quite a bit but will try to see next one.
Also, I've tried to make paragraphs with
my Road Runner e-mail and only way I can do it is to:
click on Format up above, click on Indent each time I wish to indent
and then use the space bar and by hand, hit it before typing the next
line or sentence. Repeat the process each time. A bummer but the only
way it works for me. Good luck with the next round. I know it is getting to be
too much sometime. Too win the prize will be so nice. Your music
is always very good. Don't lose heart. You will do fine and be successful!

Miranda said...

too bad about the email/comment thing. there must be a way to shut that off somewhere. p.s. macs do tend to suck
p.p.s. why do you write so early in the morning?!
Keep your stick on the ice, (i like how UBER Canadian that makes me sound, lol)

Justin said...

Overall, this place doesn't have too many problems, pretty good overall. :)
P.S., Dave, you dont mind that I linked you under "Friends blogs" over at my blog channel?

Justin said...

Shit, forgot to mention, it's Platoon86/MusicOrGTFO.

Carol J. Richardson said...

Just wanted to let you know Dave that on this side: it is coming up as
Friends Blogs like you wanted, then lists your friends. Have a good day!!!