Thursday, 20 March 2008

Things I've noticed about my blog.

  • Entries are longer than in most peoples, especially if I claim in the opening paragraph that it will be short.

  • Most entries are written between one and four o'clock in the morning.

  • I mix whatever I'm doing at the time of writing, with whatever I'm actually writing about.

  • I often write about whatever I'm going to say in my next video, making it pretty much pointless, unless you just want to be ahead of the game! I'm gonna try and change this one. The blog will officially include more unique material from now on.

  • It seems to be linked to youtube. Maybe because the other blogs I read are by youtube friends, more likely that youtube is basically 'blue skies central' on the internet and as such it has taken over my life. 

  • This entry in no way fits in with the others. It follows none of the above rules apart from the 1am - 4am writing.

1 comment:

eva said...

i like your blogs..there are still many people who enjoy reading (: i dont mind that they are quite long hehe reading them also helps me a bit improving my thanks for that and im looking forward to the 'unique material'...what ever it is xD
take care