Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Fools

I think people hate April Fools because they know they can't fool anyone because everyone is so guarded... Apart from Ginger Chris apparently who'd been had five times in the first hour.

But it always reminds me of prank wars. The best I've had were in uni. You're away from home with new people and it's all about having fun... Little jokes escalate so fast! I remember in first year, we got from hiding people's clothes and food to stealing each others cars and bedroom furniture within a couple of days.

That last one actually led to one of my favourite moments in my life so far. My friend and I decided to steal our flatmates bed... As you do. We left the pillowcase /sheet in place but took the frame. We got everything ready - got the keys to her room and the room opposite to hide the bed, then picked it up and got it halfway out of the door. We held it for a second while I opened the door opposite, and then these two guys that worked around the flats walked in. I was stood there opening one of the girls doors with one hand, while holding half a bed in the other hand, my friend holding up the other half was still in the room and didn't know what was going on. I just looked at the men and they looked back for a couple of seconds while I held back laughter, and then they just carried on walking the other way.

It's one of my favourite moments because still remember exactly how I felt - it was hilarious and there was just nothing to say to explain it so I was just stood there, I think I actually did say 'Hi.' and smiled... Yunno - ACT CASUAL style.

Ahh good times!


Erica Sheff said...

hahaha. i can understand how that'd be your favorite moment in your life. that's hilarious. stuff like that happens all the time to me, and i just hope no one asks bc it'd be quite difficult to explain. :P

AmazingPhil said...

hahaaa :] in the first year my flatmates decided to move my ENTIRE bedroom into the kitchen.
posters. desk. pc. everything >_<
i gotta find the pic and put it in a video!

Anonymous said...

i decided to actually do something today cause I usually hate it and waste it.

So, I decided to tell this girl I've kinda been with for a week that I loved her ^_^ She.Freaked.Out.

Funniest thing ever.

cheekychen said...

haha, fun times!!

This reminds me of a prank i played on a mate in halls in the first year.. the friend in question got really into the 'who wants to be a millionaire' text quiz (i don't know why he loved it so much as his general knowledge sucked harder than mine!)
So anyway, we're all chilling in his room playing on his PS1 when he leaves to grab something from the kitchen.. I noticed he left his phone on the side after just having failed hard at the WWTBAM game. Like any good friend I decide to change my name in his phonebook to 80380 (or whatever the number was that sent the txts from the game) then sent him a text saying something along the lines of 'thankyou for playing WWTBAM. There have been no winners today, and as you've shown the highest level of commitment to the game, we would like to award you a £1000 prize!' call (university library phonenumber) to claim your prize..

We never thought he'd actually fall for it, but it couldn't have worked better! He was jumping on the bed and even did a funny little dance!

Once he had composed himself satisfactorily he dialled the given number to claim his prize. You should've seen the bemusement on his face when he was trying to explain what he had won to the librarian!

LULZ ^___^

Jessica said...

I personally love the subtle pranks. Like changing alarm clocks to an hour or two earlier, or saran wrapping a toilet. I would have loved t have witnessed your face when the guys first came into view though, :P.

Hannah - RN said...

Ahh *beams* I love that I can picture that exact moment, and that feeling. I really love moments like that.

Anonymous said...

my 2 best friends always try to get people by saying they're gay with each other, ha ha.
I really would've loved to see you do that, it would be fun, haha! xD
x I