Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lunch break.

I've been working on a song and I thought I'd write a cheeky little blog before lunch. It's nice to have something to show for a morning's work, lately I've been doing a lot of production work, which only changes something you already have, and a lot of organising, which involves looking around the internet and emailing people. Even when not getting distracted and actually doing it, those things don't give you that feeling of accomplishment that either writing or recording do. But when I woke up today this song didn't exist and now... It kind of does... A bit!

The organising I mentioned has been mostly for Summer in the City. Looking for a venue that will allow under 18's in is no mean feat... But I think I've found one. I'm going to go have a look at it when I'm next in London (15th for Kweller!) It will be 14+ and I think that's the best we can hope for, I will have to apologise to any under 14's but they can still come to the daytime part of the gathering. We also have some t-shirts in the works, should be seeing some samples soon, then if it's all good we will start selling them and the profits should cover the venue fee and any other expenses. That's the plan anyway!

Oh and music plans at the moment, I have three tracks that don't really fit in with the other 10 - 12, because they're electric with drums and stuff, so I'm going to put those on itunes on their own, before the rest. I'm adding a fourth because three would really just be a single, four I can call an EP. The fourth is what I've been working on today. Once these songs are up I'll work on the rest, then once everything is on itunes I'll work on a CD, which will include a couple of the tracks from itunes but possibly re-recorded and some newer stuff. I'll be able to put some extra money into the CD because I'll have some from the itunes sales. It all fits together quite nicely, ya see? It'd be nice to get that done by Summer in the City, that's the target I have in my head.

Right, I'm hungry.



Jeff Edelman said...

I'm sure that Summer In The City will be a huge success. Sounds great. I hope you end up getting a lot of people from all over the world so that it isn't just a UK thing.

Kristina said...


It doesn't even matter, here football isn't your football, doctors here don't care about soccer. :P
They'd probably rather deliver babies than watch soccer. xD

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about all the new songs coming soon. :]
And I really wish I could go to Summer in the City (stupid ocean...)
I know the gathering is going to be a huge success!

Anonymous said...

can you release your new album to Amazon or something too so that standard MP3 format can be purchased? that way we can play the songs on any player.

Dave said...

What is difference about songs from itunes?

Anonymous said...

itunes songs cannot be played in programs like Windows Media Player. most young folks today have Macs and Ipods and Iphones- all Apple products, so it is no big deal to them. But i (being a few years older and wiser) have a wonderful Windows based PC and a Blackberry Storm phone, and so without downloading iTunes to my PC, i can't listen to the itunes songs. I don't think there is an itunes app for my phone.

Thanks Dave!

Dave said...

There's no way that's true! I'm gonna do it right now.
Ok I am currently listening to a song I bought from itunes (the itunes on my pc, not mac) on windows media player. I've also got a creative zen which has these tracks on.
Plus itunes can convert any song into mp3, so if you really need that format you can do it right there in seconds.

Not saying I won't be releasing on Amazon... I'm gonna have to put the question out there to everyone, before I decide.