Sunday, 19 April 2009

All apologies

Have you noticed how people are always apologising for the length of time since they wrote a blog, or posted a video? Yeah, I'm not gonna do that - I don't owe you blogs!

I think the reason, if you care, is that these last few weeks I've either been very busy or very not. When I've been busy I've had other things on my mind and haven't thought to write, and when I've not been busy I've had nothing much to write about. I should really use the not busy times to write and reflect on the busier times. I just... Didn't.

Things of interest, just to keep you up to date, include having a bunch of far away friends come here for a night which involved my playing a gig in a cave. The gig was fun, though quite difficult - I like having a microphone! I couldn't play quite a few of my songs because they'd have been too quiet. But it's good to have things like that thrown upon you at the last minute - keeps you on your toes!

I've also been down to London to film this cheesy charity video. The sort of thing I wouldn't normally do but did because it's for charity... And they paid for me to go to London and see some friends and stay in a hotel. Just so you know - I don't specifically enjoy taking expense money from charities... In fact I still have a £40 dinner receipt that I couldn't bring myself to claim back from the RNLI. It was doing those things that was enjoyable... Not the fact that they were free. (Well ok... It may have helped.)

Today I wrote a song on the piano. It was quite a challenge as I was trying to keep the meaning somewhat ambiguous. I wanted it to make sense, especially at the beginning, as a break up song, but I also wanted it to work for a friendship that had gone wrong, and most importantly as a reaction to the death of someone close. I know - cheery stuff! I might blog about the lyrics in detail once I've put a video up. That will hopefully be in the next few days.

Just had a break in writing this to eat dinner and you'd never have known were it not for this sentence.

Tom called as well and that reminds me of something else I've been working on - Summer in the City planning. It's not easy trying to keep every demographic in mind and keep every one of them happy. For example we need a venue that lets under 18s in - or we'd have a bunch of pissed off under 18s, but also serves alcohol - or we'd have a bunch of pissed off over 18s. But I'm hopeful that I may have found somewhere perfect... Should be hearing back from them tomorrow.

Alright then, enough for now.



Nicholas said...

I'm still deliberating if I should come to summer in the city...
I've never been to London, so that would be nice, but I only know very few youtubers, so that would be awkward. We'll see :)

And I guess it's one of the more positive things when you're not internet-famous. You can write the lyrics and blogs as personal as you'd like. Noone will read them anyway ;) That was, of course, directed at myself. Not at you. You're kinda famous. I'll stop now.

ariel said...

the more i hear about it, the more i get convinced to use the student loan i'm getting to pay for sitc ha!

Simone said...

I missed your blogs/vlogs. I like reading/hearing from you. :]
-I'm sorry if I look like a stalker, I just find you an interesting person!- xP