Friday, 23 October 2009


I've just started a little discussion on facebook asking people to give input on my website plans. I'm just looking at what content should be on there. The tabs I have down right now are...

Home - Music - Pictures - Lyrics/Tabs - Free Stuff - Store - Links

So Home will include news, latest release info, possibly my most recent video, upcoming gigs...

Music will be a discography with links to buy.

Pictures include artwork, live pics and fan pics (with either an email address to send them in to or an uploader if that's not difficult!)

Lyrics/Tabs is obvious.

Free Stuff will be downloads of songs, ringtones, wallpapers... Any other suggestions are welcome.

'Store' links to the big cartel.

And 'Links' contains contact info and links to my other sites.

Some things that have come up are a bio and a blog. I'm not sure about writing a bio because it wouldn't be all that interesting, but let me know if you think a band site needs one. And I originally kept a blog out because, well I have this obviously, but thought it was a bit more personal than the sort of thing you'd put on a band website. So what do you think? Should I put this blog on there, put a separate blog on there - less personal, more about music and the band, or not put a blog on there? I will have the news section on the home page either way.

So let me know,
Bio or no bio.
This blog, new blog or no blog.
Free Stuff - anything I can give away for free that won't cost me anything!
Any other ideas.



JenJen212 said...

so.. i would say break out a separate tab for shows/touring schedule/ etc...

As far as a blog goes, you could either have a separate one there, or just link to your current blog (which would be a lot easier).

I don't think you necessarily NEED a bio (though I do get a kick out of the one on your YT page).

Gary + Cheeky said...

Hey Mr

I say link your current blog in links. Have bio, promoters etc like to read bio - for a quick overview of where you've been, what you've done and sometimes where you are headed x

Allayna said...

I think you should do a bio. If someone's just getting acquainted with your music, it's good to have. Plus, they're interesting to read, regardless.
I agree that this blog is kind of personal for a band website. And then, if you have a news section, then it's kind of pointless to have an uncongenial blog. So, like everyone else has said, just linking this one would make the most sense.
I can't think of anything you could give away for free that people will want that won't cost you anything.

Corinne said...

I think that you should just link to this blog rather than putting it on the website. Just so you know. :]

Anonymous said...

Good advice so far I think:
put a bio on the web site for a quick look at who you are, what you do, play, etc.
(For those folks who don't know already.)

Put a link there to this blog, where you keep the more personal thoughts, discussions, etc.
And put links to YT, Twitter, FB etc. as usual

Your other categories on the web seem good and logical.
Can't wait to check it all out!

Fae said...

I have never commented on your blog before although I read it regularly. I love your music, I forget how much I love it till I listen to a new song, or play one of your old ones. They're amazing.

Link this blog and write a bio. I too get a kick out of your YT bio.

You're awesome!

Heimlich said...

I agree with JenJen212, you don't need a bio, but it would be really nice (: I like reading bios haha
And blog, nah if you already have a news feed. You could link to this blog of course.

blackrose08 said...

I always read bios first so I say yes to te bio. As for the blog i say link this blog to your website.

Darren said...

i dont have any ideas but i do think its time to have a website for you...ill put your link on my blog, website and so on....

have fun...