Thursday, 15 October 2009

Changed my mind... Already

I've put the songs together and I think they do work with some of the instrumentals in there, so the track list right now looks like this:

Piano from the 'my day' blog - Needs a name!
Don't Go
Dance On
What Did You Do Today?
Open D
When I See You Again
Burn Forever

I think I'm just going to call it 'Rarities 07 -09' Because then I can do a similar thing if I have a bunch of unreleased songs in a year or two, and continue the name so they will all appear next to each other and in order in people's itunes.

So all I'm waiting for is a good version of Alaska which hopefully I can get tomorrow either from Jack or off my external - can't link that to my PC because it's firewire, but I'll take it to the Apple Store and do it there.


baz said...

whats wrong with my day?
i listened to it for about 5 times and 'a day in a life' keep coming into my head. or u could just call

hmn yeah. today? with the question mark

cheekychen said...

good idea Dave. Sorry to hear about Jack.

I have a proposal for you.. You can borrow my G5 until you raise enough funds for the iMac. At this point you can sell the G5 and give me the money. I've been meaning to sell it for a while so you might as well use it first.

cheekychen said...
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Dave said...

@cheekychen this sounds like a generous and sensible plan!

Will see how tomorrow goes, then next week I believe the rents are going to my Aunt's in Guildford, so I could go with them and nip over for a G5 and a game of tennis!

Darren said...

sounds like a good idea for rarities album..