Sunday, 18 October 2009


So I got the hard drive, installed it and... It didn't work. Well, the same thing happened as did before. I'm pretty sure I fit it properly and all that, I just think that it wasn't what was causing the problem. The guy said it might also be one of the wires attached to it, so that's still a possibility.

But either way, my parents talked me into buying a new one. Since I was planning to get one anyway as soon as I could afford it, they said they'd lend me the money as it'd be a waste of time putting it off for a couple of months and trying to push my old iMac even further. They're right really, and especially as I'm just starting a studio album - it would be annoying to switch machines halfway through a project like that.

So I found a great deal tonight on a refurbished 24" iMac. I checked with Dale (I run anything that's both technical and expensive by the gadget dude before buying it!) and he had nothing against buying refurbished machines, plus it has Apple Care until 2012, so it's all good... And yeah, I bought it.

Now I have to wait for it to get here and I'm gonna be like a kid in the run up to Christmas! It - he - is gonna be called Mark Morrison, and if anyone gets that reference I pretty much love you. As for Jack (which wasn't a reference, it just rhymes) I'll probably still get him fixed and sell him, if I can bring myself to part with him! The spare hard drive I could sell, or I might just turn it into an external.

In other news, the post today included a box full of CD's and t-shirts from my friends, 'Rook and The Ravens' because when I was up in Manchester the other day I offered to sell them through Scratch That Records. They are one of the main bands I was thinking of when I said I could use it to sell friend's music as well as my own, and I'm so excited about the album, it's actually amazing. As in, objectively one of the best albums of the year, not just from people I know!

So that's one job for tomorrow - adding their stuff to the store. I hope people buy it because it's so fucking good!

Alright, off to bed.



Katrina said...

Jack the iMac -- oh god, love it.

Hope Mark Morrison ("Return of the Mack" according to Wikipedia? sadly had to cheat to get the reference, but it's still an amazing name, too) has a long, healthy life. =D

Dom said...

LOL @ Return of the Mack. Those were the days eh. Just gonna chuck in the name Robert Miles for no reason also.

I saw what you bought, looks nice. I think you shoulda got the new one for an extra 150-200 considering it's such a huge chunk of money anyway, but fuck it, Dale knows best.

May you spend many happy years together xx

gaby said...

So refurbished ones are ok? I'm also looking for a new mac and I might just get one of those.

lol at the name, by the way.

I'll definitely buy one of the RatR cd's, I've been dying to get a physical copy since I heard of them. I should also get one of your cd's and tshirts while I'm at it :)

Anonymous said...

convert Jack into a local server?