Friday, 18 January 2008

So why am I writing stuff down when I have a webcam?

Well firstly it's easier and I'm lazy. Secondly, I like to write and I haven't done it enough lately. I think it's one of those things that not enough people do, like reading. I don't know how people can go through their whole lives never having read a book. Anyway the third and final reason for a written blog is I'm thinking of putting up less Vlogs in the traditional sense (if there is such a thing as a 'traditional vlog'). I still want to talk on camera, in fact more so now than ever, but I want to aim more towards comedy videos or at least interesting things, less personal I suppose, and so this can be a more personal place.

To be honest I'm not sure how I'm going to sell this. I just wanted to start writing again. I don't think I'll advertise it much, this is for me, not to get viewers like the myspace and youtube accounts. I suppose I should explain, though most of you will probably have come from one of those sites and will know me at least a little, allow me to give a few words to any total newcomers; Hello! My name is Dave and I have a band called 'Blue Skies'. Yes that should do.

So today I reached a bit of a milestone over on YouTube; 1000 subscribers! I also got my first little cameo in a studentdotcom video, which is great. It's wonderful when people you've been watching for a while notice your channel, even better subscribe, and even better than that ask you to be involved in something. When their own video is at stake you know they aren't just being nice - they actually think you are good!

Also, yesterday I put up a video responding to Brett's impersonations competition... I recorded a song in the style of davedays, which was fun! It's going down really well, which is always good.  I'm currently undecided as to whether I should send davedays a message about it!

Well anyway, I think I'm getting better at making videos, and I'm considering getting a proper camera to lift some of the restrictions I have at the moment. It's my birthday in three weeks, that sounds like the perfect opportunity. I can only hope I will get better at writing as well... I used to be good I'm sure! I've been writing in too many comment boxes and msn conversations - it's all I can do not to say 'lol' or compose some kind of face out of letters at the end of each sentence! 

If anyone reads this I think you can leave comments if you want, I'll be honest: I'm not sure how this site works.

I'll figure it out.  I think that's enough for now anyway.

Until next time. x


Steph said...

''I’m currently undecided as to whether I should send davedays a message about it!''
Incase yknow, you havent seen/been told about it or anything :)

Its a great blog, too!
Happy birthday for in 3 weeks time.

lore said...

I´ve to say that you´ve a very nice voice!
And I agree with you about people don´t care reading books, that´s too bad!
I´d like to have some msn conversation with you, just to know you..hope you want it too :).
(Sorry for my English :S)

lore said...

I´ve to say that you´ve a very nice voice!
And I agree with you about people don´t care reading books, that´s too bad..
I´d like to have some msn conversation with you, just to know you..hope you want it too :).
(Sorry for my English)

Bruno said...

Hey Dave! I really like your music, mate!
My favourite of your songs is 'Dance On'.
I am from Argentina, and I really like English literature. At school, we had to read: Lord Byron, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, James Joyce, up to the modern writers such as Julian Barnes. I love reading, but I love music the best. Music plus good poetry(lyrics): PEREFECT!
Kind regards,

Bruno said...

I forgot to mention that I loved your music for with davey, talk with davey...that's wicked, safe...I think safe means cool, but I'm not sure if it's used all over

Jon said...

Hi Dave, that DaveDays video was well good, I was gonna say tell him, but from the comment above he already knows!

Carol J. Richardson said...

Since you're the first person on You Tube I've subscribed to and enjoy listening to, it is good to see you are expanding your talent. Each time you come up with something, it shows everyone how diversified you are. I can truthfully say that
most of the cover songs you've done are better than the originaI. I can see you are ready to take on life with gusto. I tend to ask lots of questions; even at my age, am interested in seeing a young person go for their dream. I'm a mother of four sons and five grandsons; most living all over the world. I recently lost my mother and husband four months apart so work to keep busy. I'm writing my book and back to work, just to keep up with life; and even went back to college. PBS is having a new Jane Austen movie from each of her books. So, even when we are older, some people like us. ha. She lived her entire life in one small area so wouldn't she
be surprised to know she is still loved so much. I love your sound and it has been like therapy to me. You look so much like one of my sons at that age. He plays the guitar and sings even now. I remember when he first started, I heard "Folsum Prison Blues" so much - ha. What I would give if I could go back and hear it again - even if it was a bad version at the time. He now plays in a band and has expanded his knowledge. ha Love your music and natural gift. Look forward to seeing you tour someday. Sincerely, Carol/us fan

Carol J. Richardson said...

I don't know if you got my former comment or not? I did register and it went
through to leave message on the UpStage but went back and my "LogIn"
would not work. Oh well, you will do well. These nutty computers don't always
work like they should.
I think you would get more attention with the photo of you with the cool jacket
you wore while playing the Joy Division song?? Just my opinion. I've been
a seamstress since I was a child and had a wedding dress business for 20
years so really pay attention to what people wear and I love the pattern of that
jacket. Have a pattern almost like it. I've even made mens' suits/ties.
Good luck with the contest. It sounds like you are "burning that candle at
both ends."
I'm a novice at this back and forth on YouTube, etc. but just want to vote for
the best one which is you of course. There's lots of nonsense and garbage
but you have class. It sounds as if you are making some great new friends.
What I like about your music is; your voice is very nice, the lyrics can be understood, and the music is very much in tune/in sync.
Can you believe my 22 year old daughter-in-law loves Buddy Holly. She and my
son even made a trip to Lubbock, Texas to see the museum, his grave and
everything in that town that is dedicated to him. He did have some cool songs. He was killed in plane crash the year I graduated from high school (1959) so I was a teenager when all the good Rock "N" Roll was popular. We had great dancing music.
Your blog is going well. Looking forward to your new video.

Sincerely, Your fan Carol

Dan said...

Who doesn't like to read?

I love it, and writings always been a hobby, I'm reading 1984 by George Orwell right now, it's fantastic, and yet terrifying.

Eriika°°° said...

Hello0, I just havee 1 quesZtiio0n do0 ya have a cd? haha iisZ beecausZee yo0u sZiing aweesZo0mee 0ok? pleasZe tell me iif ya can see ya bye!!! (sZo0rry iif ya do0n´t understand the things that I wro0te but I wriite iin thiisZ way haha bye!!!)