Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Because two myspaces just wasn't enough.

Hello there!

I'm not sure what I'm going to say, I just thought I'd write a little blog before bed. I have lots to do tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it, I'm really hoping for a productive day.

Oh here's an inside scoop for you! I set up a second myspace page (well actually... a third, I have a personal one too that I don't use anymore.) A lot of people have been asking where they can download things, and I can't go putting covers and 'funny' songs on my proper myspace, so I have made another. This one will be more closely linked to my YouTube channel and I'm going to tell people about it in my next video. In fact I have loads of things I need to tell people so it's going to be a mass update video. Hopefully I'll be able to make it a good video rather than just reeling off a load of information.

 One of the things I'm going to mention is a little project I'm involved in; a YouTube channel called 'theyoukproject'. This was an idea that Martyn (standinglikestatues) came up with, and (as I was there at the time!) he asked if I would be one of the channel moderators. The basic idea is that the channel will be a place where YouTubers from the UK can meet and also promote their channels. So basically you make a video and send it to us, we put it on the channel and it gets seen by people who don't know you, 10 minutes later they do know you! Of course it can only really work well if the channel gets plenty of subscribers, but I think there's a good chance as it's a great way of finding talented UK YouTubers. Oh and you don't need you be from the UK to join in, it is a celebration of UK YouTube talent, but anyone who enjoys the videos produced in our little country, I encourage you to subscribe and leave comments on the channel and the videos.

So there's another exclusive for you blog readers! You may as well not watch my new video! But if any of you would like to subscribe and/or make a video for the channel then I'll put a link at the bottom so you can check it out. Or you can ask me directly. Oh and your chances of us uploading your video will be greatly improved if you subscribe to the channel! (And the mods channels! That last one is a joke - you don't have to subscribe to us... or do you? *shifty eyes*)

In other news, two videos went up tonight that I was really happy about and they've both been.. well I don't know what they've been! One is Dom's new video, which yes; I am in! I did get to see it, but now it's saying it's private, don't know what that's about. And the other is Nic's first ever video! Again I managed to see it and it was great, but now it's saying it's unavailable. Hopefully it's just a bug and will be ok by tomorrow. Well there's two shoutouts for you, I shall link their channels at the bottom, I would take a look if I were you!

I have several other collab videos on the go at the minute, so keep an eye on the featured video on my channel!

Alright then, that's enough bloggage. Here are some links, I hope you have time to take a look.

My new myspace
Dom's channel - MyShowbizName
Nic's channel - NicIsNotANinja worthy or a subscription for the name alone!

Speak soon. x


riverbasil said...

riverbasil was here, just letting you know that people read this stuff ^_^
I feel like I need some sort of mass update video... I'm just too lazy

Jeff said...

The youkproject is a great idea. I just subscribed. I tried to subscribe to the BBC thing for that project, but their servers are totally screwed up and it wouldn't let me join. But I'll try again soon. Good luck, Dave! And thanks so much for the mention in your new YouTube vlog.

Maartje said...

Hello Dave!

Might as well subscribe to your feed!

Happy Blogging!