Saturday, 26 January 2008

Not given up yet then?

Well that would have been an impressive attempt at starting a blog! But no I have the urge again, which is good.

 So I've spent the last few days working on a song for, it's not the kind of thing I usually do, but I like to challenge myself and they are great to work with. I'll be sending everything off tomorrow hopefully and you'll be able to see it on youtube soon.

The other big news I have is YouStage! Okay, that's not a word so for those of you who haven't heard of it, a little explanation; the BBC have started a competition called 'Upstaged'. The premise is basically competitors spend 8 hours in a glass stage entertaining in anyway they like, it's broadcast live on the internet and there will be a highlights show on BBC 3.  

Myles Dyer aka Blade376 has put together a team of vloggers from YouTube to enter and I am one of them! To be honest I don't know what we are going to do! But I know most of the other people involved and have complete faith in them and excitement at the thought of working with them. Three notable examples being Dave (daveyboyz) who put my name forward to Myles, I talk to him a lot and I have recorded a lot of music to go on his videos, Alex (nerimon) who I met a little over a month ago at a gathering - with a few others (whom I'm sure you'll hear of in future blogs) we hung out long after the gathering was over and I got on with him really well. Finally Ben Loka who I haven't met and have only talked to a little via email and youtube, but who I am very much looking forward to meeting and working with as he make fantastic videos and always has the nicest things to say.

So that's all happening over the next couple of months if we get through. HERE is a link to our profile page. I'm hoping we will be able to use the internet in our glass cage so we can make it interactive, I'm pretty sure we can.

I'm involved in so many 'collabs'  lately I don't know when I'll be able to put something on my channel! It's good though, I like seeing them come together. 

I must say I've been surprised at the number of people who read my first entry on here. I'm counting in the hundreds rather than the dozens I expected, especially considering I never mentioned it to anyone - just added a link on my channel and my myspace page. So well done to you, you're very on the ball! I'm sorry that you have to be a member to comment, but if you do want to say something you don't have to leave it here - you can get me on youtube or myspace - it's all me! And also I don't know how to reply to comments on here... haha, I suck.

So that will do for now - Tom wants me on Stickam! 


p.s. why can I not get paragraphs in this thing on a mac?!


carolj1 said...

Well, here I go again! I was just typing away and thinking I was getting my
comment through and lo and behold,; nothing -- so joined -- no accounting for
being behind regarding cyperspace; which is where my former comment is----
In regard to your question, "Why can I not get paragraphs in this thing on a mac?'
I typed my paragraphs with an indentation and when it transferred to the page,
it wasn't there?? Your guess is as good as mine. I have no problem with
Micro Soft Word. Maybe it's due to space allowed? I have a Dell. ?? If I figure
it out, I'll be sure to tell you.
Since you were the first person I subscribed to on YouTube, I've enjoyed seeing
your progress. You have shown everyone how diversified your talent is.
I've found so much garbage and nonsense on the site; it is refreshing to see
a young man making a serious effort with his music.
As I mentioned before, I'm the mother of four sons and five grandsons - very
outnumbered in my family. They live all over the world except my youngest and
his wife. One of my sons took guitar lessons when he was around 13. I can
still hear "Folsum Prison Blues" that he seemed to love and was stuck on. I
would give anything to hear it again; even the bad version. He is now grown with
a son, still plays and in a band. You look like him at your age - very much.
My oldest who is really the most musically talented - self taught on guitar - while in Army, has played and written some wonderful music. He just had no ambition to go anywhere with it. I never said anything but I know he would have been successful if he had tried.
Since I lost my husband and mother four months apart a few years ago, I've
kept very busy. Thank you for your music. It has been therapy for me. Also,
my writing helps a lot. My book is fiction about WWII, begins in Holland and
ends in United States. I'm trying to fit in some reading, "The Valleys of the Assassins" and "Other Persian Travels" By Freya Stark --- "Mozart's Sister"
By Rita Charbonnier and "Edgar Allan Poe", The Man Behind the Legend"
by Edward Wagenknecht. Good thing I read fast.
I did register and get to UpStaged and found your picture. I did leave a short
comment. When I returned to site to "Login" it didn't work. Sometimes these
nutty computers do not do what we wish.
In my opinion, your picture with the cool jacket on while playing the Joy Division
song would catch more attention. It looks real good. (you look like a serious
I did have a wedding dress business for about 20 years and have sewn since
I was small. I have a pattern almost like the jacket. Cool look!!
It sounds like you're making some new nice friends. I think Nerimon is so
cute and funny. I bet he is very smart. I watch the Tonight show here in the
states; with Jay Leno. I can't believe some of those people he interviews. They
don't know where they live on a map, which country is which or even who the Vice
President or the First Lady is. They must have been under their desk in school. It is scary. If he asks them who the Queen of England is, they usually say; the singer
Freddy Mercury; with the band. This world's going to Hell in a Handbasket!!!!
Hope it is okay if a grandma writes. I'm a novice on YouTube, etc. even if I do
take Shorthand. I just wanted to let you know you are doing a wonderful job
and have people who love your music.
Good luck on your birthday. The son who looks like you has a birthday Jan. 31st.
How did the gig go on Jan. 22nd?
I wanted to tell you one more little story - my 22 yr. old daughter-in-law loves
Buddy Holly; even made a trip to Lubbock, Texas to see the museum, gravesite,
and other areas dedicated to him. He was killed in 1959, the year I graduated
from High School. I was a teenager during the Rock N Roll era and we had
great dancing music and of course, cool cars. We did a lot of drag racing.
When I was about 14, I was working after school in a little cafe when I heard the first song Elvis released to the public. It was on the jukebox ----"Heartbreak Hotel" It was played over and over.

Thanks for listening and hang in there! You are doing great!
Carol, your us fan

Nic said...



this is awsome, i have so many blogs to read now lol.

and youstage should be awsome, good luck! (i still can't log on so i had to make another account, the things i do for you guys =P )

lore said...

Hey Dave! I forgot to write my msn direction in the other comment :S, so here it is:, I hope we could chat someday or just send emails each other.
I hope you can put more videos on youtube, I really love your songs, "Dance On" is my favorite, but all of them are FANTASTIC!
Good luck with the competition ;)

Jeff said...

Hi there, Dave! I just found out about this through your YouTube account. Good luck with the blog. That group effort with the BBC show sounds really exciting. I hope that it works out well. I will certainly look forward to see what you come up with. Take care.