Friday, 7 August 2009


So I've been in Malta for about a week, which is why I haven't been around the interwebs that much lately. We have found some free (or not so well guarded) waves of wifi floating about and so we are able to check in every now and then.

I was hoping to write some songs but I haven't really had much time to myself yet, but I definitely want to get at least one done and filmed while I'm out here. I don't want to waste the outrageously fortunate position I have found myself in of having a guitar to borrow for the three weeks I'm here.

It went like this; I saw it would be quite expensive to take my guitar on the plane, so I asked my facebook people if anyone lived in Malta and knew where / how cheap I could buy a guitar for, because I could get my hands on one in England for less than the cost of taking mine on the plane.... If the same was true in Malta then I could buy one on arrival and leave it / give it to someone / smash it up on the last day. After a day or two I got a reply from a guy called Neil who was all kinds of lovely and said he'd have a look for me. He gets back to me the next day, not with the price of a cheap guitar, but an offer from his friend Dan to borrow his Takamine for free!

This is possibly the greatest thing that's ever happened. For one thing, I found people who watch my videos in Malta, which is pretty fucking small, and then they turn out to be the nicest people in the world!

Anyway, Malta is beautiful. But I don't know how the people manage to look so good. With the heat and humidity, the wind and the salt, I look an absolute mess as soon as I step outside! We've travelled around quite a bit and have a few places lined up over the next few days that we've been saving until everyone is here (Laura arrived tonight), but I think my favourite place so far is just down the road. There's a rock beach about a hundred yards away from the front door and we've been down there at night a couple of times. When it's late and the heat of the day has subsided, you can sit out and watch the sea stretch out forever... It even comes in behind you when the tide is high, with just a little bridge connecting your tiny island of rock with the rest of the beach.

Being here has really awoken my love of traveling. I don't think I'd ever want to live outside of England constantly, but if I had the money I would definitely spend a few months a year abroad just to change the scenery. With any luck, if this music thing goes well, the opportunity may arise without it having to be a holiday. If I can fill a few large-ish venues in a few cities in a country then the trip could pay for itself... Of course I'm a long way off being able to do that! But it's nice to think about.

Ok now it's almost 5am and Ian is running around like a mentalist, I should go.



CheekTV said...
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CheekTV said...

I'm glad you're all having an amazing time. The videos have been great to watch - Dave, you were robbed on the ceiling contest. SHAM! Love u all, stay safe and carry on looking out for each other in the intense heat <3 x

cassper said...

That's amazing about that guy in Malta lending you his guitar. What a champ!

Anonymous said...

From my perspective, you seem to be around the interwebs pretty much the same amount as usual. Albeit, when you are, it's to once again mention that you're not around on the interwebs as much due to being in Malta. An absence from the country, definitely, but not so much the internet.

That's incredible about the guitar! And I'm demanding a video while you're out there. I refuse to not benefit from your amazingly awesome fan's generosity. FEEL THE PRESSURE!

Heimlich said...

It's funny, you think this guy made your day - which he did I guess, but I'm sure you made his by posting this about him :P

Achie said...

I live here (: I'm curious to know which beach or village you're talking about. [Not for stalkerish reasons - besides the fact that I'm working and will soon be off to england for a holiday, it's not my thing :P]

About the heat and humidity... we swim a lot and us girls generally keep a change of clothes in our bags just in case anything happens XD

Anonymous said...

It looks like you're having a good time in Malta. What about the language? Do they all speak English and Maltese being these two official languages? Did you find stuff written in Italian? Do they still speak Italian?

Congrats on your EP!


janitorbud said...

to the ending "oh ian"
it's so fun
i've been to italy, france, greece, australia, puerto rico, and the dominican republic. along with states in USA which isn't that difficult.
i love the idea of the rock beach. it sounds so serene. maybe write/film there? i'd love to see it.

Teodora said...

Hello, I have the same issue like you at the moment. I wanted to take my guitar in Malta, but it turns out to be too much for me to afford its travel costs. Do you know whether a person can buy one there second hand for a cheap price? Are there any guitar shops...or online ones? I hope you will know...

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