Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Blackout Sessions

As I sleepily edged my way down the stairs this morning, the sound of the hammer that woke me up persistent and resolute behind me, I stumbled upon two quite large boxes sitting in the hall. The relief that they had come in time (leaving for Summer in the City tomorrow morning) almost immediately turned into excitement as I dragged one of them into the kitchen and set upon it with a big pair of scissors. Eventually I made it through the defences and pulled the cardboard back to see the design Paul and I had been working on just a few days ago staring back at me from a hundred CD cases.

A second wave of relief came as I picked up the nearest CD and examined it to find everything in it's right place and printed well. But nothing compared to putting a disc in the CD player and pressing play. It takes about 4-5 seconds for my CD player to recognise a disc when you first turn it on. That was probably the longest 4-5 seconds of my life. But hurray! Recognise it did, and the intro began.

I still can't really believe how quickly this has all come together. It's even turned out better than I had planned. A week ago I wasn't sure I was even going to get proper jewel cases and all the extra artwork that goes with it... Getting Paul on board really made that possible. We even chose a four sided insert over a two, and I wrote a little piece for the inside rather than trying to squeeze all of the lyrics in (never would have happened, my songs are heavy on the lyrics, it would take about 10 pages to fit them in!) I'll put the lyrics online anyway. Oh, speaking of - I bought yesterday. For now it's just redirecting to the youtube, but it's going to be one of the first things I get to work on after Summer in the City, especially as that'll be where I sell the CDs and t-shirts from.

Well then, if you're going to Summer in the City, I'll see you TOMORROW!



Anonymous said...

Congrats,mate! They look really awesome. Artwork is really great. And congrats also on your scratchthatrecords label project, hope you can do something like Bright Eyes did.

Liam Radge said...


Now, if only Chameleon Circuit had been that fucking simple...

Lindapochinda said...

Congrats! I belive Moonlight horses said everything I wanted to congrats you :-D
Keep it up man!

Gary + Cheeky said...

Love the CD, can't wait to buy one - and get me a shirt to match x x x

Katrina said...

"...I picked up the nearest CD and examined it to find everything in it's right place..."

You know the 'i' in right is a Youtube link Radiohead's song? Everything In Its Right Place... Either you either did that on purpose or you have really epic linking powers. Haha.

The CD covers look beautiful. Hope SITC goes well! xx

Anonymous said...

i love your use of literary expressiveness in your writing, even though it is just your personal blog

Anonymous said...

Bravo, magnificent phrase and is duly