Friday, 5 March 2010


I made myself a website!

It's nothing too advanced, but it means I can use just one url to direct people to... It was annoying listing facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. in the side of videos. Now it's all in one place and if people want to follow me on those things they are all linked from the site.

I've held off getting a Blue Skies domain because .com and are taken (and cost in the region of £7000) and nothing else seemed right. I didn't want to use because 1) it's too long and 2) a lot of people assume that's the name of the band and I don't want to encourage that. But then I found that .fm was available and it sounded good so I bought it!

There is a 'News' section, which is essentially a blog, but I am going to keep this. This will be for my life, and that will be about the band. Granted they overlap quite a lot, but we'll see how it shapes up. Hope you check it out and add it to your feed readers and blogrolls!



Daemonius said...

Fucking awesome.

doug said...

Ohhh you should have said - I have - I would have given it to you for mate's rates of £3500 too!
I jest :P