Monday, 11 January 2010

Just got this message...

"hi there,

im so sorry for disturbing but can i get permission from you on something ???

i want to use your videos for my affiliate programme .like this:-

I download your video on youtube , then I upload it back in youtube with additional advertistment in your videos..means for my affiliate programme...

but i dont change the content of your videos , just add my advertistment there.

*And beside I can help promote your video as well.

so can you allow me to do so ????? please reply...thank you........"

Hahaha! At least they asked.


Anonymous said...

Lol, how dare they!

But you're right, at least he asked.

Liam Radge said...


Once my Pokemon video was reuploaded to advertise (without asking), I got that sucker removed sharpish :P

doug said...

no but seriously, can i??????

I can help promote your video!! plspls :)