Thursday, 26 November 2009

Add your dot!

I set up an eventful page, which is designed so people can tell you where they want you to come and play shows. It gives you a cool map, look!

Obviously each red dot is a person asking me to play in that place. You can go and add your own red dot here.

It's currently showing me how much easier it is to play in Britain than anywhere else! There are slightly more dots in the US I think, but they're so spread out it would take four times as many shows to reach them all... The UK is so small it's practically coloured in red! I love our little island.

It'll be a while before I can afford to set up some shows overseas anyway, but when I do I will definitely be using this as a guide, it's so good. So if you want me to come to your town, add your dot and get your friends to add their own dots!

I'm also extremely pleased to have discovered an island that I didn't know existed - São Miguel! Right in the middle of the Atlantic. Whether that was actually a person who lives there or someone taking the piss, I don't know, but I'm tempted to go there either way!


Anonymous said...

That's me there, in the red.

Alex said...

You are the first to demand that Blue Skies come to Perth, WA.

Yep, going to guess you're not going to come here XD

Nice idea :)

Dave said...

@Alex ONE DAY!

TanySmoops said...

I was very surprised/amused to see someone else 'demand' you to play in Nova Scotia(Canada). And even more surprised that it said '2 people demanded you to play in New Glasgow' which makes me wonder, is there a way for us to see which places everyone else is demanding or is it just you?

SantiagoCasablanca said...

I'm not the one in São Miguel, though I'm from Portugal too. I've already asked to come to Porto, Portugal. I can arrange you a place to sleep, and obviously free tours! xD

About São Miguel, I just can tell you that is a really beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

I'm on there! haha Like, the only one in Florida...but still....

Nicholas said...

My dot seems so isolated :( Bad chance then?
Oh well... I'm planning to visit the UK for a while this winter anyway ;)