Saturday, 26 September 2009

Waiting for warm water.

I just went to have a shower and the water is freezing. So while I wait for it to warm up I thought I'd write a little blog (and watch the football).

I've opened the online store, so The Blackout Sessions along with the t-shirts are officially available! It's strange because I sold a load at Summer in the City which was ages ago, and I've sold some over the last couple of days to the Street Team, so it's not really having a big release day. But to be honest it's bad enough taking 15 to the Post Office at a time! I'm always worried that everyone in the queue is going to hate me!

So I think I'll hold off making a video on my main channel until Monday/Tuesday as there's no post tomorrow. I might make something for the ScratchThatRecords channel though... I want to build that up so I'm going to give it the announcements first!

So if you want to get the CD and/or a t-shirt you can do so at



Darren said...

hoping to buy the cd off itunes when i get paid again but the samples are really good seems you really mastered them well.

i will continue to get the name "blue skies" out into the public for you, as i do whenever i get talking about music from overseas (ie the who,rolling stones etc). I have not been asked i just took it upon myself because id rather promote you than promote my own shitty music...

hope you got warm dude...enjoy the fall!!

Gary + Cheeky said...

Oh great, now I've got visions of you in the shower, see what uve done!!!! x