Sunday, 12 July 2009


Just got this message on youtube,

Apologies for unsubscribing.
I'm somewhat obsessive compulsive about the number of subscriptions I have.
It must be divisible by three and it wasn't when I was subscribed to you.
I still appreciate your music, as well as the huge amount of effort I know goes into a lot of your videos and will probably continue to watch them - just as an unsubscriber now.
Wish you all the best!

1) That's weird.
2) If you hadn't told me I wouldn't have known and there'd be nothing to apologise for. (And there still isn't tbh, you can use the site how you want!)
3) I have (at least) 3 channels - make up the numbers!
4) Having unsubscribed, they had 61 subscriptions, which clearly does not divide by three.

That's all.
Goodnight. x


Pav said...

I remember reading somewhere by a random that they could only watch the TV when there volume level was divisible by 3. Quite a few people agreed with them saying they do the same. Weird.

wikdot said...
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Dave said...

My friend Joe always puts the volume in his car to a multiple of five. I'm sure he could stop if he wanted to though!

Emo-x-Tastic said...

I always shake my duvet in multiples of 9. I'm not sure why, I just have to, lol. =)

CheekTV said...

Christ alive! That's OCD to the e-extreme. Sad times for them, fun times for us :P x

Emo-x-Tastic said...

Lol, it is sad times! Everyone takes the piss because I just go around turning off light switches and asking people I don't know to tuck their labels in because otherwise I can't stop concentrating on it sticking out. =P

God knows why I feel the need... I just have to.

janitorbud said...

- what's tbh? *feels slightly stupid*
- that's just weird. especially since when you checked, they had 61
- i have to have volume levels on numbers that end in 0,3,5,7. it's complicated and i'm strange.

Dave said...

tbh = to be honest. =)

Dave said...
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Caroline said...

Haha I'm another one of those people who has to have the volume on multiples of five. I hate it when it only shows the bars and not the numbers on the screen though. Then I try to have a quarter of them selected. It's pretty sad. Now after reading this I'm sure I'm going to go make sure that my youtube subscriptions are multiples of five or something...thanks Dave :P

IzzyH said...

Have you read the one on your page that seys they (and I quote,well that I can reamber) simpley CANNOT be subscribed to someone begining with the letter R and thats why they unsubscribed? Coz I thought that was quite funnf to =)

Sara said...

Multiple of five person here. XD Another, anyway. Only with volume. I'm not THAT big on it, though.
It's just a little annoying when it's not at multiples of five.